The 100 Season 3 Final Review

Yes that is a snap chat photo of me with my wine (coke).

That is it my favourite show gone with no release date for the next season to give me hope, now I will have time for those assignments that seem to pile up.. Not before I comment on my favourites and least favourite parts of the season final.


Season Three has been an emotional rollercoaster that has approached some pretty intense concepts such as free will and choice, watching raven lose it was heart breaking but watching her rip everyone else apart with her wit was highly entertaining, well everyone except Bellamy who went full male and zoned her out. That emotional roller coaster kind of ended on a more sombre and less exciting note not exactly anti climatic in my eyes but also not as BANG what you going to do now as the previous seasons.


So the episode started its theme with Abby who was returned from the city of light and forced to face what she had done to her daughter in a small amount of time before they went straight back into action. Murphy helping Clarke and Bellamy was a massive highlight for me as we have seen his character grow in such a sweet way to have someone to care about and want to protect we will get to my most adored moment shortly. The show follows through well with the hatred from Octavia flowing through her when it comes to pike and the fact she is being forced to work with him O just cant get over Lincolns death and quite frankly neither can I so you go ahead and hate him Octavia.


We saw some development from Bellamy owning up to what he had done and trying to find a way to forgive himself and live with it as well as some beautiful best friend moments between him and Clarke when she takes the blood and the chip hoping for Bell to reassure her.


The most beautiful moment for me was the return of Lexa (disclaimer I ship Clarke with everyone including Bellamy so don’t kill me) The execution of that moment her returning in full warrior mode to protect Clarke and help her out and going out as she would have liked to being a warrior protecting and serving her people and Clarkes.


The combination of all these beautiful emotional elements didn’t fall short at the end when we see Jasper looking at Monty, Harper and Raven celebrating and it resonates that he seems on the out and where is he going to go from here after all he was finally happy again. Octavia gets her revenge in a room full of people trying to forgive themselves and come to terms with what they have done which gave it an artistic bitter sweet feel because her reason was real he killed someone on his own judgement blood for blood. Murphy and Emori were another highlight getting to see them together and what kind of life will be in store for them in season 4 I am almost certain they will join Clarke and Bellamy in trying to save the world from Allie’s shocking impending doom.


The final gets 3.5 flames out of 5 simply because it had all the emotional elements I could have hoped for but it didn’t leave me dying for season 4 instead it left me with closure.

this snap chat filter makes me look like a grounder..

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