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Hey Guys,

So I have been AWOL on twitter for months unable to access it and then just forgot in all honesty, we know I am hopeless. Today anyway i got around to getting on twitter and realized I’ve let my knowledge of current events slip with Panamapapers trending on twitter, and the detention centers trending on both, it seemed like I had missed a lot to have an opinion on.

The panama papers I am not really going to dive into as I am not overly knowledgeable about tax evasion or off shore loading ect… but what I will say is that I have faith that some media representatives are searching for the truth and to let the people know what they need too and to hold these people accountable for their actions. Really that’s all I have to say though I will continue following the reports.

The detention centers however have irked me for a long time, I know that we need to process people I get where the government is coming from but it seems we treat our criminals better than these people and those children, I think the system could use an entire overhaul and a little compassion could go a long way, we need to protect humanity, day by day it slips away and people relish in fear and prosecution especially with the media generation and the ability to name and shame anyone or anything so readily available humanities going down the drain and losing its common sense…

so that is all I have on the news currently, I am going to get back to work and then reward myself by watching the 100 – yes I have a new addiction #Bellarke all the way 😛

keep creating yourselves xx


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