Monday Mayhem

warning explicit content and swearing..

what is the best way to beat the nothing to blog about blues than sex ?

well not just sex in general but porn and foreplay and all the other exciting aspects of the bedroom. So we all enjoy sex at one time or another whether its causal, romantic, passionate, rough or frequent we all do it, enjoy it (sometimes).

there is very little that is off limits with me to discuss about the bedroom,

1. period and sex (its a thing I’m cool with that not my thing though)

2. Anal i know its popular believe me i know why again just not my thing

3. shaming based on sexual activity that shit ain’t cool and honestly how does it affect your life what someone else’s sex life is like??

I am going to start with porn, i know what it is, i am aware its been around forever but i never really took an interest in it lately I’ve discovered there is a crap load of different types, and most guys watch it so I want to check out the hype about fake televised sex i shall be getting back to you on that one..

let me know what you think would you watch porn with your partner or on your own ladies?

foreplay may not be necessary for men but for women its kind of a given and since we go to the effort of giving you blow jobs as well as sex and endless love its totally not that hard and can build the suspense and make the sex even better so why not try it..

I find it important in my own relationship every now and then to keep it intriguing for both of us but I’m not expert.

even if sex isn’t a top priority for you for any reason it still needs to be there to satisfy the relationship (not always) as well as affection love, trust and all the other components that make a healthy relationship, what are your thoughts on sex,foreplay and porn..

keep creating your sex life 😉


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