Call Me Changed-Caityln Jenner

I am a little late to the party on this one, I have been talking to people and collecting my own thoughts before writing this out but I wanted to do a post on the Call Me Caitlyn saga that has unfolded in our media and social media feeds.

I have seen all the different types of feedback this situation is getting even just in my social circles and general conversations.

I am a supporter of Bruce’s decision to become a Caitlyn lets get that out the way first so you know where I stand, I am not just a supporter of Caitlyn but any person that chooses to make the gender transition. I have heard some pretty mixed opinions on this topic and of coarse it is going to be controversial because it is out of everybody’s comfort zone.

My personal opinion is that the publicity for the issue is great and the fact that people are having discussions and shedding attention on this is amazing, even if they aren’t in support of Caitlyn herself. It is a huge thing to have your life publicised and every choice you make scrutinized. To make such a big decision and change so openly to the public eye is incredible exposure, and I know people are frustrated that he is making money from it but that shouldn’t down play the effects it has had in shining light on a very untouched subject. Everybody makes a living somehow and what Caitlyn is doing is eye opening and beneficial to so many to see and to allow even a small amount of people to show support to those who need it rather than more conservative behind closed doors ideals.

I like to take the stance of putting myself in someones shoes or taking the empathetic approach if you prefer on topics like this because it makes it seem a lot more relevant for lack of a better word to myself. I can barely make it through a speech to my classes about topics I’ve studied all semester and that compared to announcing to the world that you have always wanted to be a women is minimal and insignificant. I urge anyone reading this to think about something that scares the shit out of you to do, now imagine that with the whole world watching and judging.

It’s not just about Caitlyn though it is about the every day people that struggle to accept themselves as she did, it is about creating a more accepting understanding even less ignorant world where people can be who they are with out shame and fear. We are taking strides as humanity in being more accepting of things that once seemed foreign or tabboo and it really is time to make that the norm (normal). We are all humans made of flesh, bones, blood and a brain regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio economic status and many of the other defining “labels” we have for one another.

Until next time

Keep creating yourselves



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