Happy Monday,

at least I hope it was. Today I am reviewing one of the less exciting products of the beauty world you guessed it brush cleanser. I recently found myself at the Mac counter in my local Myer and surprisingly my boyfriend pointed out there brush cleanser which I of coarse had no idea about so had to buy it. I know you can clean your brushes with olive oil and other such house hold ingredients and I have been using those methods for months and swear they work, but something in me told me I needed to try this cleanser.

It is $20.00 au for 235ml which is 7.9 fl oz in my eyes that isn’t super expensive. I tried this product for the first time tonight and Omg my brushes have never been cleaner and it was so quick, they literally only took about a minute on each brush, they came up amazing it doesn’t have an overly chemical smell which is a bonus and it just blew me away. It only took the smallest amount of the product so I will defiantly be keeping it for a while. I would give this product a 6 out of ten it is not the cheapest out there especially when you can use things from your kitchen cupboard but it is a massive time saver and I am going to be needed time savers this year.

I recently applied for university to study a degree in social sciences well guess what?!? today was my orientation day, I chose my subjects for my first semester and got my student ID which as always the picture is horrible. I had a look around the campus and got my timetable sorted and I start my classes next week, that was basically my whole day walking around the campus finding the buildings I needed to be in and then of coarse getting lost on the way home but by mere chance I actually went the right way HAHA.

another great segway I also finished all of my hours today so now I can send of my log book and go and get my P’s which to me could not have happened at a better time. I will need to be able to drive to uni as some of my classes are actually at night. I have had a jam packed day filled with good news and reaching achievements and goals which feels amazing 🙂

have you guys set any goals for the month of January ?

I have work tomorrow which I am so looking forward to because it has been 3 whole weeks since I have seen anyway and words can not describe how much I have missed work and everyone there. I can tell so many people will think I am nuts who wouldn’t want three weeks off ? but seriously words will never be able to explain how amazing my work place is, the people make it an act of joy and constant learning that you are passionate about so it never feels like a drag or a problem.

I will be shopping for my stationary through out the week so as soon as I have collected it all I will piece it all together for an organisational haul, that should be up early next week 🙂

if you want to see what make up and outfit I wore today head to my instagram: Kannelise 

keep creating yourselves



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