What is christmas ?

Happy Christmas Eve and if you don’t celebrate christmas happy 24th of december. I am exceptionally hung over today and it is also like 30 degrees which means no sleep and lots of water. I thought why not write a post that is more uplifting than some of the other ones you have written lately, so I picked the thought what is christmas out of my rabbit hole of a brain.

have you ever asked yourself as an adult what is christmas? is it just a holiday for those who celebrate and honour christ ? is it a hallmark holiday and massive marker for consumerism ? is it just about the big guy in a red suit and gifts? is it the celebration of family and things to be grateful for ? whatever the meaning is to you I hope that is what you celebrate. Myself personally christmas is something a little bit special I grew up going to catholic schools and attending church on sunday every sunday and don’t forget easter and christmas mass so I was brought up living in the christian/catholic reason behind christmas and of coarse santa who brings all the amazing gifts, then I got older to an age where christmas didn’t hold that same kind of magic and church and religion really weren’t a part of me anymore I think this happens to some people while this was happening I carried on with christmas for the sake of my little sisters and seeing all my family and they became my reasons for celebrating christmas, though I am not religious I have still been going to church allowing my sisters the same example that was set before me that knowledge is understanding and that is important when it comes to anything in life. This year however is the first year I am not attending church and I have spent it with my family and also my partner so this is kind of that year that signifies the “seriousness” of the relationship its the year that dynamics are different but it is also the year that I have learnt what christmas really means to me and why, christmas isn’t about family it isn’t about the gifts or the magic or the religion christmas isn’t the only time of year for people to do good and not everyone does, this festive season around the world we have seen tragedies being committed almost daily, it isn’t some magical time of year that problems go away. however christmas whether you celebrate for religious reasons or don’t celebrate for any reason, christmas is what you make of it what each individual or family identifies with, I see it as a time to celebrate and enjoy all the people I love and care for a time to try new things and slow down and enjoy the rush of life, to see beautiful works of art on peoples houses and argue over which ornament hangs where on the tree, to set and re set dinner tables filled with people you see all year and some you don’t, to be merry or drunk to make new friends and cherish the old, to enjoy those around you and to make it completely what you want it to be. I don’t specify it a time strictly for family because “family isn’t always blood, It’s the people in your life that want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what”.  Family can be defined as many things and has many defenitions but over the last 12 months I have learnt that family are the people that will be there no matter what and that isn’t always the ones your born with so remember this festive season to cherish those around you in every capacity because the time we have with the ones we love will be the memories we have forever.

No matter who you are celebrate something and be thankful that you are alive healthy and have reasons to be happy.

Merry Christmas

Peace Out xxxx


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