Blogmas #6 | Girl Online

Some of you may have heard of the fastest selling book of 2014 and some of you may not. Girl Online was a book written by Youtuber Zoe Sugg or more commonly known as Zoella. I was excited to see the book come out and also how supportive her fans and people were in buying it and reading it, and then I gave in and got the download on audible and decided to check out Girl Online.

I was skeptical about the book because there was so much hype and people were getting really excited to support Zoe which is beautiful but in turn may not have given her honest reviews about the book so I didn’t bother reading any. I also have my own distinct taste in the books I like, so if a book doesn’t fall into that category it means I won’t pick it straight up to read. I got Girl Online in audio book simply because I am so busy that it would be impossible for me to sit down and read the hard cover. I listened to this book twice before deciding I was going to write anything about it just so that I could make sure I gave it my honest non hyped up review possible.

The storyline of Penny is really quite clever although it may seem a little clique, I think the way it straight up addresses the anxiety and panic attacks is what sets it apart from other budding novels or writers. The other issues that the book combats like the internet, press, school, bullying and mental illness are combined really well it is a standout in comforting those who may be experiencing such things in any kind of environment. I do think the target audience may have been younger than myself just with the style of the book however that didn’t take away from my experience.

I think it is well written and a steady storyline that could be adapted for another installation. There were rumours that the book was ghost written which once reading I believe to be a load of “freedom of opinion” speech. I have admitted I do watch Zoella on youtube and by doing so can see easily in the words and pages of her book the heart and ideas that she has put into it, just the wording of some things quotes and tips she has already given on her youtube channel have gone into it, although the characters are not just alias names for her friends in real life and it is just a story I couldn’t help but notice the parts of real life that Zoe incorporated in her book. In summary to those who think this book is ghost written I suggest you take another look at the book. This isn’t saying Zoe didn’t have any help writing of coarse she did it is a common occurrence to have people helping others write, it is not a crime or a sin and sorry to burst your bubble but some of your favourite writers have done it too.

with all of that out of the way I am happy to say that I didn’t just enjoy Girl Online once but twice and I appreciate the style of writing and the plot as well as the fact that it may not be for everyone. I am really glad that I get to read something that was someones dream to one day do and will be sitting with anticipation for the next novel of Zoe’s.

Have you read any really good books lately ?

Peace Out xx

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas #6 | Girl Online

    1. I did really like it, I want to get it on hard cover, I don’t normally recommend books because they are such a personal thing but I thought the storyline was really cute 🙂

      let me know if you like it x

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