Blogmas #5 | work party etiquette

hey guys,

so I recently attended my end of year/christmas work dinner, as you may know I am actually a volunteer not an employee however we still get invited as a thank you for the hours we put in, which in itself is beautiful and generous. I love attending work functions and getting the chance to socialise with collegues I don’t see on a constant basis.

I will never forget the first christmas dinner I went to for work (it was my first function) and my mum and relatives sitting me down to explain to me that you should set a good impression and behave well and I was so overwhelmed with advice and “rules” that it made me so anxious about the evening. So this post is more or less the break down of advice I was given to help any first time work party goers.

  1. Do not get drunk.
    I think this is a super important thing to remember, I am not saying don’t have a drink but remember this is a work function and you will have to face these people everyday for the next 365, even though my work place is pretty relaxed I still abide by this when it comes to any function thrown by them, you get to keep yourself in control and come out looking respectable which will leave a better impression on your boss than your latest cover of Taylor Swifts Christmas songs.
  2.  Be polite and appreciative
    these functions are optional and if you do choose to attend then you should be polite even to the mail room guy you can never remember the name of, being polite and kind to everyone will leave a good office impression and if you do have trouble with a particular person then be civil and socialise with everyone else.
  3. Do not be on your phone
    this may seem so obvious and yet not at the same time, I work with people in a range of age groups and whilst I am one of the youngest staff (the youngest that attends the dinner) I still find a way to socialise with everyone and would not consider checking or sitting on my phone, it is perfectly fine to pull out for photos if you don’t have a camera but don’t be texting your mates to meet up after the function not whilst it is still going on.
  4. Dress appropriately
    I don’t really have a dress code for my Christmas dinners, but we do go to quite a nice restaurant so I opt for a long evening dress and make sure to dress it down with some accessories, My only don’t would be not to wear something super revealing that would go down well in the clubs because it won’t go over so well with the office.

this is the advice that was given to me when I was attending my first function and its what I have stuck too ever since as a simple guideline, It will adapt with my choice of career and environment I am sure, but I hope it helps out someone..

What is your top tip for work dos or even do nots leave some in the comments.

Peace Out


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