A Little Cheeky Gift DIY| Blogmas 3

So  this is a DIY gift for your boyfriend, I always try and buy him something but he is one of the hardest people to buy for..

this year I have resorted to DIY and as I am pintrest obsessed I found cute little  coupons that could be naughty or nice.

What You’ll Need;





I typed some of them on the computer and added cute pictures of different super heroes and villains
then I did hand drawn and coloured ones, The hardest part was thinking of ideas to put on them.

I did back massage
Dinner of his choice
Paintball date

this is just such a simple yet fun idea.

I put mine in a little jar that looks like a bauble 🙂 and ill put some ribbon and a tag around it and its ready for under the tree 🙂

if you have a special man that doesn’t have any idea what he wants this could be a fun thing to do.

Peace Out


Blogmas 2


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