Shake Shake that Smoothie

since its summer here I thought I would dredge up this recipe again

Hey Lovelies, 

I thought I would come at you with a recipe today since I do like to cook and make things.. I love smoothies and I love finding new fun smoothie recipes so I figured I would share mine with all you people 🙂 





4 strawberries 🙂 



A handful of berries && 3 chunks of Mango


1 whole banana


If I am feeling super healthy I add in some spinach or Kale 

(2 or 3 leaves) 



some coconut cream Jokes I normally use coconut milk but I did not have any so I took a picture of coconut cream. You can obviously use any milk or yoghurt you like I just prefer coconut milk as its not dairy and it also adds a hint of a coconut flavour to my smoothies. 

I put all my ingredients in my blender (bullet) and I blend…

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