Some new things

hey guys,

so I am home, its taken me two days to shake the travel sleepiness and now I am on track ready for christmas. Even though my break is behind me I did get a few cool things that I wanted to share 🙂


The NARS foundation Isn’t exactly new but I felt I needed to mention it and this post was as good as any other.
I bought the NARS sheer glow based on youtube reviews that said it was amazing,
it is the first product I have bought based on such reviews and I want to add my own opinion.
it looks flawless
it does give you a glow
dewy finish
feels luxurious.

so expensive
select colour range
can feel heavy
not amazingly pro longed wear.

These are based off my own experience with the foundation.
I love it, I use it quite a lot and enjoy the finished look.
The cons are based on things I have discovered as I wear it more often.

If you are looking for a high end foundation I wouldn’t deter you from buying it,
if however it isn’t in your budget don’t break the bank for it.

YSL #4 Rouge
the packaging is stunning!
I needed to get that out there, so this was a gift and defiantly a splurge item.
the colour pay off is amazing and the lipstick itself looks gorgeous, it isn’t a matte
which I enjoy and it moisturises my lips.
It is certainly an amazing product I don’t think I could fault it.
again I wouldn’t recommend buying it if your on a budget it’s not the be all end all of lipstick.

PicMonkey Collage

If you follow me regularly on this blog or my social media,
you will have seen a R2D2 bobble figure I purchased in Sydney.
whilst I was in perth I got the Pinkie Pie
The groot actually came with loot crate.
I love collecting these little Popvinyl Figures,
there a cute geekyness and I will update you with my collection.


Alice in the land of Clover
there are only these three at the moment and other story lines as well,
I am a massive Manga fan and this one just pulled me straight in.
if you enjoy the original Alice you may like this too,
I don’t think I would recommend it for anyone too young.
The storyline is a little light heartedly darker than the original and I am in love.
It makes my list of favourites.

That is all for the fun things I collected while away, I always enjoy my perth shopping trips and this was no exception.
if you have any of the products or suggestions for me to try let me know in the comments or catch me on social media;




Peace Out Lovelies



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