Q & A

I am back with another Q&A
this one is a little different you will see why..

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Would you rather go to a cinema or theatre?
THEATRE because I’ve never been.

Would you rather go to a comedy club or a night club 
Comedy I don’t really like night clubs.

If money was no object what would you do all day?
I would do this blog, I would organise charity events and I would also do a lot of work with homelessness.

What is your biggest success until now?
my biggest success is getting my diploma.

 Do you prefer Batman or Superman?
Batman for ever,

True blood or Vampire diaries?
I watched 2 seasons of true blood before I just couldn’t watch any more,
I have just started Vampire dairies and adore it so we shall see.

Favourite Villain?

HARLEY QUINN is my favourite character ever.

Your opinion on new 52 Harley?
honestly I don’t mind she looks cute.

favourite transformer?
Bumble bee

Clerks 1 or 2?
so this is hard but I LOVE clerks 2 that shit makes my life.

comics or manga?
this was the hardest question, I love Manga and I read more of it,
however I would be devo If I couldn’t read Harley Quinn.

who is your favourite big bang character?
Sheldon for sure.

Favourite star wars character?
YODA. there is no question.

COD black ops or modern warfare?
to be honest I haven’t played modern war fare so Id say COD black ops 1

Favourite Chelsea player (soccer)?
Andre Schurrle

Favourite Disney Actress?
this was hard however I have to go Demi Lovato

Hannah Montana Vs Wizards of Waverley Place?
wizards of Waverley place, My sisters still watch it so do I.

that is it for another Question Answers blog. These questions were a little different more on the “nerdy” side.

I love comics and manga’s all those kinds of things, if you have any questions you would want me to answer or chat about hit me up on social media..



Peace Out xx


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