Make Up Look- Lucy Hale

Hello lovelies,

I am here with an inspired make up look.

I am in love with Lucy Hales look its just gorgeous!!

so I tried to re create it with only my travel make up…


I am aspiring to create the look with just these.


I placed concealer on first since in this picture Lucy is so flawless but doesn’t have a clear highlight.
I only put concealer under my eyes and around my nose as those places tend to be red or dark.

I then went in with Nars sheer glow in santa-fe foundation


I didn’t add bronzer or blush.

For the eyes I used NYX palette in Parisian Chic a combination of the darker colours.

The liner was difficult because I brought liquid liner and I am not super skilled with it
the liner took the longest but I think it came out good.

On my lips I used;

NYX liner in grapefruit
MAC candy Yum Yum

for eyelashes I used my Maybeline colossal volume express

IMG_6013[1] IMG_6012[1]

I am obviously not the same complexion as Lucy
but I really loved creating the look and it would be cool with different lip colours
awesome for an event or even clubbing.

Peace Out



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