Summer Caesar

I love summer salads

and I really love a good chicken salad,

I only call this a caesar salad because well I use caesar dressing.


Lettuce or greens





three pieces of bread




I took the chicken and put it in a frying pan with coconut oil, I then put the lettuce and greens into a bowl

then I cut up the tomatoes into quarters & the capsicum into little chunks, then the onions then I put the bread

in the oven to crisp it and then cut that into chunks, I found some beetroot and cut it into quarters to add in,  I then went back to the chicken and cut it into larger chunks

and added it to the salad finishing it off by adding cheese and the home made crutons tossed it all together

added some caesar dressing and done.

Its not traditional caesar and I know i left out the bacon but I just liked this salad and so did the little kiddies.

I also had cous cous that came from a packet which was seriously yum.

Salads are my favourite for summer because its hot and muggy and they are super quick and refreshing so expect

a lot more summer salad posts

Peace out



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