Candle Party- SWS

Hello Lovelies,

so two weeks ago I went to a candle party for candles made from soy ingredients which means nothing nasty,

the company owner, Kelly explained the candles the limitations of the wax in our climate and also how she makes them

there was a heavenly range of scents.

Scents with Soy

is the name of the business and you can check out her Facebook page which will be linked on my Facebook page at the bottom.

The reason I am writing about it two weeks past the event is because my candles

arrived yesterday, I have to tell you I was so excited 🙂

I myself only ordered one thing because I am meant to be decluttering my space..

I couldn’t go past the cute jar he was in or this divine scent.


I am in love with him

(the colour quality of the pic is shit)

IMG_5963 IMG_5964

I got my candle in Birds of paradise, I am not going to explain the scent

because there are no words it just smells edible!

I really like these candles, I haven’t burnt mine yet but

my mother and our neighbours have given theres a go and they are amazing

the smell lingers through the whole house and its potent but not sickly.

these candles are defiantly worth a try.

if you don’t live in Australia you won’t be able to get these specific ones,

however they are popular and plenty of people do make these types of products so if you

have a fish around I don’t doubt you’ll find some and when you do let me know what they’re like 🙂

I will defiantly be investing in some more soy candles.

Peace out lovelies


p.s if you don’t already head over to the blog Facebook page for cool updates.



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