Halloween Time| Vampire

Im here with yet another halloween or dress up look
this time I have gone with the standard vampire
I was actually trying to do a 90’s grunge look and

well here we are..


I went with really simple kind of make up
as I said i was trying for 90’s

IMG_5827 IMG_5831

This is the mess that then followed
I am trying to look really creepy.. I did the blood with a cheap red face paint
I thought it was still a little too bright though so..

IMG_5841 IMG_5845

I went in and darkened everything up by adding in some of my lipstick colour
it came up a lot brighter in the pictures than it actually was 😐


and we are done..

What did I use;

NYX palettes just a light and dark brown
( I took this under my eyes)

I used a Kohl eye pencil and black shadow to smudge

I used three different lipsticks to kind of get the lips:
Napoleon aphrodite

MAC Rebel & Rimmel Kate lipstick 09

NYX lip liner in plum

I didn’t contour because well I didn’t feel like It needed that.

I ended up putting a clear gloss over the lips to make them more juicy

I just went wild with the face paint and lipsticks to create the blood it was

a lot of fun, and then I snuck up the hall way and scared the crap out of my dad

BONUS!! haha

Peace Out xx


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