Quick Tips| Packing

I am leaving at 4am in the morning YAY….. so I thought I would share some of my top packing tips.

1. Make a list

I find if I list the things I need it makes it easier to cull items that are just taking up room, also your less likely to forget something.

2. Set a limit

I always need a limit on shoes that I take, on the amounts of outfits I really need and when I set one before I start it really helps to keep me in line.

3. Rolling Clothes

some people like it others don’t I just find this quick easy and space saving.


I am so bad at this step but I am slowly learning.

5. Pack outfits you can transition from day to night especially if you have to travel light.

6. Pack things appropriately

if your going to the snow don’t pack short shorts, its not going to be helpful, this also applies in the sense that know the places your going and a general idea of what you are going to be doing, if your not attending a wedding I don’t think you need that gown in there.

These are just a few quick tips.

Peace Out xx


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