Beat Down

Hey beautiful people, 

I love music I mean I think everyone loves music, correct me if I’m wrong. Music is something that connects cultures and people no matter the barriers well thats at least what I think so I thought why not give you my beat down ;P 

I have a playlist or bunch of songs for everything In this post however I am going to give you my morning playlist which is actually titled make up because I’m generally listening to it while doing my make up and getting ready of a morning. 

1. Happy little Pill- Troye Sivan 

2.  Geronimo- Sheppard 

3. Pop Bottles-Birdman 

4. Lego House- Ed Sheeran 

5. Young Forever- Jay Z version 

6. Run this town- Jay Z 

7. Classic- MKTO

8. Ride wit Me- Nelly 

9. Dilemma-Nelly 

10. Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado 

11. Get Busy- Sean Paul 

12. Thank You- MKTO 

13. Live it up- 360 ft Pez 

these are the songs I like to listen to while I’m getting ready and If I am not listening to them then I am on spotify or pandora listening to random tracks. 

what is your favourite song lately ? let me know down below 

Peace out x


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