Shake Shake that Smoothie

Hey Lovelies, 

I thought I would come at you with a recipe today since I do like to cook and make things.. I love smoothies and I love finding new fun smoothie recipes so I figured I would share mine with all you people 🙂 





4 strawberries 🙂 



A handful of berries && 3 chunks of Mango


1 whole banana


If I am feeling super healthy I add in some spinach or Kale 

(2 or 3 leaves) 



some coconut cream Jokes I normally use coconut milk but I did not have any so I took a picture of coconut cream. You can obviously use any milk or yoghurt you like I just prefer coconut milk as its not dairy and it also adds a hint of a coconut flavour to my smoothies. 

I put all my ingredients in my blender (bullet) and I blend until it is a nice consistency and then I’m done. 


chia seeds 


probiotic powder 

I use these things sometimes, not all the time so of coarse you don’t have to put them in there.. 

If you have any cool smoothie recipes or fruits and veggies you think I could add to this one leave them in the comments and I will let you know If i try it, leave a comment if you just want to chat or even hate on my smoothie recipe because thats what I’m here for 😛 


Peace out x 



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