What’s Up Guys!


Happy Friday!!! 

I wanted too do a little life update, rant about me and about the blog and all sorts of shit thats going on. So if you didn’t already know I am currently discussing changing and upgrading the blog for bigger and more random shit because why not ?? 

well actually I will be bringing in a heap of new post Ideas and a posting schedule so you know when I’ll be posting and stuff 🙂 The vibe of this space will be changing a little bit with the kinds of content I will be posting only because I want to branch out with more of my interests and take you lovely people with me. 

I am also in the process of possibly trying to write some form of a book that is completely fictional but should be pretty freaking awesome so I may document my progress to give me a heap of motivation 🙂 so keep a look out and if you want to check out my actual writing at Wattpad 

I will still be doing beauty posts and other D.I.Y’s craft and when I randomly take up drawing again I will also post about that; there will be like a heap of posts coming from Sydney and my travels as well as a photo shoot that will be happening soon, think fantasy and amazing and that will help me revamp this space. 

I love to talk to people so chat me up.. Jokes 

Tweet Me  @kahliaanelise 


Email Me; kannelise@outlook.com

or just comment below and we can have an awesome chat. 

Peace out Lovelies x


5 thoughts on “What’s Up Guys!

    1. Yeah, I want to be more consistent aswell, I love writing. It’s just hard to plan out the posts and stuff at the moment so I am going to be so happy when I have everything organized and thank you 🙂

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