July Bella Box

I know I am way late, and this isn’t going to really be a review as much as hey this is what I got and what I think of it. 


I got a Nicole polish by OPI which was pretty cool as I do like OPI nail polish, I am not a massive fan of pink and this colour comes out A lot lighter on the nails, you need a good couple of coats but it lasts and overall it is a good nail polish that I have added to my collection 🙂




Designer Brands Lip Butter; this is a full size product thats where the greatness stopped for me, It doesn’t smell nice and it felt like putting grease on my lips and it also dried out my lips after using it for a day, to me this was the biggest waste of plastic and other earth harming shit that I got.. sorry if you like this brand but for me it really was a let down. 



yes this photo is shit, it just didn’t want to work and this was the best one out of the bunch.. 

Anastasia of beverly hills, I have yet to use this product because I don’t need long lasting or waterproof mascara as of my winter months however I was so excited when I saw this and it is a seriously decent size sample, perfecto for travel!! I am so amped for summer months when this will come in so so handy!!! I will let you know more then.



This is a hand cream that I will be giving to my mother because I don’t use them I prefer to just use my body butters.. however I did test a tiny bit on my hand and it smelt fine and also didn’t feel too greasy or leave you feeling slimy so that was a plus!! but I still don’t like hand creams.



I have not tried this yet it is a sample of a moisturiser, if you have tried it or do use it let me know in the comments if its any good ? I got some other sample of Nivea and stuff as well which was cool. 

for the price of the box I honestly don’t think it is worth it and I did unsubscribe because I really can not afford something that I am not over all enjoying. I will be trying out other services to see if I like them and I will of coarse let you all know. 

also in the comments tell me what you thought of my photos I know the lighting was off on some but i love my disney backgrounds 😛 

Peace out Lovelies xx 


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