Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person” Award


Hey Peeps,

So this totally randomly cool comment appeared on one of my posts that inclined me to check out this new fun thing where I get to answer questions!! I swear the blogging world gets me, there is nothing I enjoy more than answering random questions.

Please go check out the hilarious beautiful blog that made up these cool questions; Alkeme Beauty 

1. Where is it?

probably on the bottom of my handbag.

2. Can you please hand it to me?

Is there a possible reason you can not grab it, and if I do hand it too you will I finally receive a lavender unicorn ?

3. What is your favorite sandwich topping?

chicken. a whole one if possible with out the bread will be fine.

4. Did you think Seanson 3 of ‘Heroes’ was terrible or horrifyingly awful?

Was batman or the mad hatter in it? if the answer is No then yes yes I did.

5. Why am I so sexually attracted to Jeff Goldblum?

Because the world was once a square.

6. Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

they do ? shit I should probably stop using my hairspray as a holder for my curling wand..

7. Would you rather sweat mayo or have to poop a softball?

poop a softball, I would rather not look like I am sweating a sexualised fluid all over people.. IDEA!!!

8.  Why do you think you deserve  the Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person award?

???? I don’t really know that I do but I love answering questions 😀

9. Do you know where I left my keys?

Try the fridge, I always find mine in there…

(actually I would probably try a bookshelf couch or bottom of your handbag)


So guys that’s it all the fun time questions, I LOVEEEE it I really seriously love answering questions.. also if you would like to do this please please comment and let me know about it!!

I pass the fun time too;

Blonde In Law

Blonde Beauty

and seriously anyone that reads this because why the hell not?

4.5 weeks till SYDNEY

Peace out xx


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