My Day Continued..

hey guys, 

As you may know if you read my earlier post my day did not start off in the best of ways and I wrote a big blog post on it and how sometimes you just got to be sad. If we didn’t have sadness we couldn’t realise what happiness is 🙂 

Well in case y’all were wondering my day got better after writing out my ranting post I felt a lot better and got online to find a nice phone wiz to help me, turns out there was a way to restore my phone from it’s state of purgatory and resurrect it back to life YAY. I also managed to keep all my photos which means beauty posts will be back soon starting with a july bellabox review I know I know I am super late with that one. 

I am also considering doing some pieces on the issues I work with and some things going on in my community that I would love to know if anyone would back up, let me know in the comments or via email what Cause is close to your heart and why?? 

I will try get back to some kind of normal spasmodic posting as soon as possible. 

love you guys 

Peace out 



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