Favorite Places on the Interweb

Hi There, 

So I love the internet for so many reasons and for so many different things so I thought I would share a few of my favorite places on the internet. 

Photo Source: http://vnnxchjhjj.blogspot.com/)
Photo Source: http://vnnxchjhjj.blogspot.com/)


Harsh Reality is one of my favorite blogs, Jason aka Opinionated Man almost always brings up a topic that piques my interest. Harsh reality however is not a blog for the easily offended the topics are always something that sparks a discussion in the comments which 9 times out of ten is a blast to read.  

Living In Colour, Kayla is gorgeous and her posts are always enjoyable she does a variety of different stuff, I find myself exploring her posts more often as time goes on. 

Lauren Conrads website; it speaks for itself. If you love gorgeous things then click the link. 

I follow a ton of amazing bloggers each with a unique style but for today’s post I am going to link the two above because for a rather large portion of my blogging time these two have captured my interest time and time again. 

download (2)


so I am a major online shopaholic, it is an addiction and I possibly need help, however I love the amounts of different shops I can access online. of coarse you have your normal places like Ebay and gum tree I have the apps for both..

I am loving this jewelry website I actually found thanks to instagram  Shantique Designs, They do the most gorgeous simplistic and elaborate pieces I have ever seen, they are an Australian website but they do ship overseas. 

ASOS yes it can be a little pricey but the clothes are really good quality and when they have sales the clothes become so much more affordable, I am always on there scoping out sale buys. 

Sadly I don’t really have an online preference for make up purchases, I go into the stores to make sure I like colors and things, I use Ebay a lot of the time for brands that aren’t available in Australia and I go to Myer for Benefit and Mac so I really don’t do a lot of online make up shopping, that said ONLINEDRUGSTORE  I love buying unavailable hair products and other random things I find from here 🙂 

These are my favorite places on the internet, hopefully you may like them. 

What are your favorite websites ?? leave some below in the comments I would love to find some fun new places to visit.

Hair Update

for those of you that know what I am talking about I have a Hair appointment at 4.00pm today and will post some pics either tonight or tomorrow on my instagram or here.. if you have no idea what I am on about click the heart ❤  to see my last post regarding hair changes 🙂 

Peace Out xx


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