Hair Hair & More Hair

hey guys, 

so I thought today I would do a little Hair chat, so as you know if you have been reading my hair detox or updates I have been doing all sorts of kind things for my hair, and it has made a difference.

however I am thinking of taking the plunge and chopping it short for the spring/summer :O shocker I know. Although my hair is feeling great there are still damaged ends and only really a certain amount of my hair is feeling super awesome sooo I figured why not change up the colour and get an awesome stylish cut too. 

Before I get it done I am going to show you some inspiration pictures…

tumblr_m8wohfbEb41rches9o1_500 HannaMarin e1f0a4467be5ca6e_AudrinaPa_Leste_57463195_600.xlarge Audrina-Patridge-parted-long-wavy-hairstyle-e1289501581934


I want to go the length Ashley Benson was for season 3 of PLL & my colour inspo is Audrina Patridge from the hills, I loved her summer colour it just seems so warm 🙂 

Question of the day which Hanna Marin Hair Style is your Fave season 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 ????

Peace out lovelies xx

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all pictures were sourced from google.



7 thoughts on “Hair Hair & More Hair

      1. You’ll get there, in the mean time why don’t you try a new updo ? I am in love with doing random differnt updo’s until I can get my hair cut 🙂

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