New foundation obsession

Hey loves,

This is just a quick post but I really needed to share with you a foundation I have been using daily and I am
Soo in love with!!

It is the maybelline better skin foundation, I saw it in my local supermarket and was immediately drawn to it.

It is gorgeous it really does just look like my skin but better, I’ve been using my stippling brush to apply and I’m obsessed with how it looks and feels on my skin. It has been lasting all day at work and people have been complimenting me on how nice my skin looks.
I really think this was an awesome purchase and a beautiful new product by maybelline 🙂

If you wanted to try it then I recommend you should and if you didn’t want to before now you really should 😉

Peace out lovelies


7 thoughts on “New foundation obsession

    1. I just use a real techniques one but I I’m waiting for some brushes to arrive from xo beauty, I may have a favourite then, the sigma one is raved about 🙂

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