Holiday Planning Tips


I am super excited that I am attending IMATS in Sydney Australia 🙂  if you don’t know what Imats is then click it and find out..

It is in September which is like two months away and I only really had one and a half months to plan this shit which is crazy right ? it was total stress central in my head!! however I have found some useful little websites and things that helped me calm the storm I call my brain and so I wanted to share them with all of you 🙂 


There are heaps of comparison sites floating around and so I am going to share a few and I am only linking my favorite, sorry.

this gem of a website saved my life for accommodation I really recommend it, especially if a good deal is your style I mean who isn’t up for savings ?? 

there are a couple of others like; 



I am not sure that they really compare to though..


I scored a $39 flight just by constantly checking back and forth on Jetstar Virgin and Flightcentre so I do recommend if yourself a partner or a helpful relative keeps up to date with current happy hour and sale flights. 


I can not say enough about this having a good estimate of what things cost or at least over estimating and having a budget so that you keep enough for each category involved in a holiday for example;

Food: $100 a day for two people for four nights would = $400 budget now it may not come to that but it also might and its better to over budget and have money left over than under budget.

Activities; I am looking at around $50 for each activity and possibly pre-booking them so they are already paid for.

Spending Money- I am going for an event that will involve me making purchases so I have set a budget for that as well and I do recommend doing so that you know how much to take with you and that way you have a limit and only get products on good deals or that you really want.

Travel- things like cabs and buses and trains cost a fair bit these days but don’t stress most states will offer passes for holiday goers that are 7 days of travel around an area for at minimum 50.00 they also have family passes including ferries and other such things which are great since public transport can sometimes add up.

so those are my try to stay stress free planning tips, I hope you learnt or got something useful from it. 

until next time Peace Out 

Kannelise xx




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