Beauty Blogger Award <3

Hey Guys, 

this award was created by the beautiful Cecilia of Cecilia’s Corner she actually nominated me herself if you want to check out that post it’s Grunge Look. I am really grateful to be nominated for this along side some other talented and gorgeous bloggers 🙂

Question Time

1. Where does your make up inspiration come from ?
as a child and early teen I was horrible and drawing and art my art teachers failed me and my friends were just like you suck but then I met two really nice tutors who were incredible artists and they taught me that drawing and art wasn’t about being able to create what other people wanted it was about creating things that meant something to you, to say the least I can now draw better I feel better about art on a whole and make up really bought that alive for me. My inspiration for some of my looks I create comes from YouTube Gurus like Jaclyn Hill Karissa Pukas and Shannon Harris.

2. What are three of your Holy Grail make up products that you can not live with out ? 

My holy grail Mascara is Maybelline illegal length I could not live with out this mascara, My True match foundation by L’Oreal it is kinda Tied with my Chi Chi foundation though and lastly my Chi Chi lipsticks I can’t choose just one shade but they are my holy grail of lipsticks.

3.What is your signature make up look that you wear most of the time?

I work an office job so most of the week I am rocking a full face of make up, depending on my hair colour at the time my signature look changes; for my blonde hair I rocked more of a modern Pin Up look and for my brunette hair I rock more of natural or neutral vibe with coppers or pinks on the eyes and nudes and pinks on the  lips.

4. Let us know your favorite make up brands ? 

Chi Chi 




5. Ultimate Make up Pet Peeve 

this isn’t a technical skill as much as being a beautiful person, My biggest pet peeve with make up is when other girls will judge someone on it e.g she wears too much make up, her eyeliner is wonky ect.. make up is an art every artists paints differently so do make up artists they each go and do their own thing and they rock it which too me is the coolest thing ever! back to the point Pet Peeve is make up judgeeenesss not cool.

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!

Mario Badescu Skin care honestly one of the cleansers broke me out and a couple of the products just did not live up to the hype.. 


7. Concealer or Foundation for the rest of your life choose one and tell us why?

Concealer, I have fairly good skin I would totally rock with a bit of concealer and be good to go..

The Beautiful Blogs I will be nominating for this are; 

J.V.W Beauty 

Skin & all things Beautiful 

Lanalennox’s Blog

Think Love not Logic 

The Beauty Fanatic 



I would like to thank Cecilia for nominating me I am honored and the questions are a lot of fun and good luck to all the blogs entered. 

Beauty Blogger Award Post 


Peace Out

Kannelise x 




5 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Award <3

  1. Kannelise, thank you so much for taking the time to participate, I really appreciate it! I agree with you on the ultimate makeup pet peeve, very well said indeed 🙂 Your bubbly personality really shone through above!
    Thanks again and good luck with your entry x

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