This blog was created and then I came back to it on the premise of all things creative and beautiful, I believe as much as the next person that make up isn’t what makes you beautiful or what should really matter. I do however know that appearances as much as we would like to portray that they are inconsequential it always plays even the smallest part of our judgement or opinion of someone.

Judgement another word or thing that if taken out of context or used in modern society can cause unease or offence mainly because when we judge someone it is generally seen in a negative light, although even when you are thinking or stating that someone is always positive and beautiful you are judging them, funny isn’t it?

society the common factor relating to people as a whole in a group or geographical location, so we all make up society, we make the common law of behaviors that are seen as acceptable, which areas are held in which class ranking.

my point to this was and is that even though we all make up this world we all live, work, play or ignore each other we all have common factors we are all humans we are all beautiful faults and all, but we aren’t all made for other people to enjoy. There are people that will come and go from your life for many reasons there are people you will force or just subtly kick out of your life because you weren’t made for one another s lives, as saddening as that may be it can be for the better to let someone go, to let them learn and grow on their own, it isn’t always our job as lovers and friends to protect and teach people beyond even our own limits.

some times it is just time, time to say good bye or time to let grow, time to move forward and time to find something new.

To any of my readers who may have someone they need to let go of or say goodbye I send you my love and support and big interweb hugs because we all know its a hard thing to do and its okay to need the time to get up and keep going, it doesn’t matter how small or big the goodbye is in our or your heart the pain will still be just as great.

remember you’re beautiful and even if you are just having a bad day some one somewhere you may or may not know loves and cherishes you in their life; I am lucky that for the moment I do know who those people are and no matter how much life or other people (haters) get me down at the end of the day they think I am cool, they see how much I am worth and I see that I am freaking cool so that is a bonus.

to all my beautiful readers interweb hugs; if you do ever need someone to talk too please flick me an email at

Peace out


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