Bella Box- Review

Evening Babes,

I received my first ever subscription service box known as bellabox it is only available in Australia and it is 15.00 per month, I thought it would be a fun new way to try products plus I LOVE surprises. It arrived on my door step yesterday and it was somewhat smaller than I had expected, still was eager to rip it open and see what was inside.


so this is the box and the bonus magazine I also found inside my package.


when you open the box there is a little card detailing the products inside and there RRP.


this is what was inside. I am not saying that it was really all that bad I mean a lot of the products were awesome, but I wasn’t sure that it’s really worth the 15.00 bucks a month.


these will be amazing for when I travel I have already stored them away in my travel bag. I love sample shampoos and conditioners for small trips away. I love that this is a paraben and silicone free product and will make sure I do a review when I use it 🙂


Dry shampoo I love, batiste is a well known and loved brand for dry shampoo and I tried this out today no residue it worked well and it smelled incredible, can not fault this and I am really happy it was in the box.


this product looks super interesting and I am off to test it out after this post.


I love skin care products, this is called say yes to grapefruit it is a daily facial scrub and a tone correcting serum.


Mary Kay at Play baked eyeshadow trio;

Image Image Image

these are the colours and swatches they are pigmented and really pretty I love the green and can not wait to use it, they are all shimmer and the glitter didn’t come off as great as I would’ve hoped. I want to do a look with one or more of these colours soon. I would not have purchased this if i saw it and I am glad it came in the box because I still wouldn’t go out and purchase it, Compared to my chi chi baked shadows the formula wasn’t that good nor was the colour pay off.


Hand cream; I did end up giving this to my mum as I am not a big fan of hand creams however this product was gorgeous on my hands it didn’t leave that horrible greasy feeling and it smelled like oranges, I would purchase this as its one if the only hand cream I have actually liked.


I am familiar with nutrimetics I don’t mind some of the products the produce and this was a bonus sample in my box which was cool. I will try it out and give you some feedback on it.

that was all the little goodies in my box as I have said previously in this post I wasn’t super pleased or ecstatic with everything but I am going to wait it out till next months box and again I will show you how I went and my thoughts before possibly trying a different service.

if you would like to try Bella Box- BB 

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Kannelise ❤


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