Hair Detox

hey gorgeous readers, 

My hair has been through basically hell and back with me and it was getting a little dull, dry and damaged after i dyed it brown so I have decided to go on a hair detox and document it so you can all come along with me, my first step was deciding that I am going to stay close to my natural colour which is a sandy dark blonde to brown, so for now I am staying a brunette. 

I then jumped online and ordered some hair extensions which I am waiting eagerly for.. so that I don’t have to have short hair all the time, of coarse you can get keratin bonded extensions which I have heard are awesome for this kind of thing but they are pretty pricey so I opted for clip ins. 

The first and hardest step that I am documenting today is cutting off my length 😦 which makes me kind of sad because I loove long hair, note not all of my damaged ends are cut off yet I am waiting for the extensions so I can get it all cut together but the majority of it is gone… 

I am going to show you some pictures of the deteriorating length of my hair.

Image  this is my blonde hair at the beginning of the year no extensions, 

Image  my hair after dying it brown about three months ago 

and now 

Image this is where it reaches as of today.. 

Image this is the side view, I will be getting foils done as soon as the extensions arrive to make sure they all match and as I said before I will be getting them all cut together as well. 

for this detox I will be avoiding hot tools for as long and only using them as minimally and on as low a setting as possible to stop from over drying my hair and also using the macadamia oil mask  as well. 

I purchased my Macadamia mask from Woolworths it was on sale for 25.00 however I believe you can get it online HERE 

I will do another hair detox post after I get it cut with the extensions and to show you the extensions and all that fun stuff as well 😛 

if you are doing a hair detox or have done something similar for dried out hair and have any amazing products let me know in the comments or Via INSTAGRAM or TWITTER 

hope you are all having an amazing weekend, 

peace out x



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