Pretty Little Looks- Hanna

It is now one day until the season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and I am super excited to watch it 🙂 A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to pretty little liars 🙂 Today’s pretty little look inspiration was the flirtatious beauty Hanna Marin “she can’t hear us she’s blind” 

Image This is the Amazing Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin 

So to start of my inspired look I went with a smokey eye which through most of the seasons have been Hanna’s go to whether its a cool tone or warm its generally smokey with a classically beautiful nude or pink lip.


I have circled the shades above to show you which ones I used. 

I started with chi chi baked single shadow in time after time and then the first matte taupe color in the Chi Chi palette I created my smokey eyes with all these colours before starting on my face of make up just to make it easier to wipe off any fall out. 


i used Lo’real true match foundation and my two favourite mascaras as well as my Maybelline age rewind concealer. 
for eyeliner I used my Maybelline Gel liner.



and this was my look Inspired by Hanna Marin for the lips I used Maybelline Color sensational Vivid Rose.

sorry if this post seems a little short, I have driven over six hours today and I am really tired.. 

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until tomorrow stay Lovely 




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