Skincare Routine & Updates <3

hey lovelies, 

I know I have not posted much beauty or anything lately but I have been super busy at work and uni and sometimes things just seem to get in the way. I also have no new products that I have been using long enough to give you a full review so I was losing my mind trying to think of something to post and then it struck me.

I am going to do my skin care products and why I use them, I like skin care and it becomes even more important to me in Autumn/Winter cause my skin dries out and its coldish so my skin gets all sensitive.. so lets get into the products I use. 

1. I use an acne prone face cleanser it is Clearasil and I LOVE IT, I have used sooo many different acne products and none have come close to keeping my skin as lovely as this one does. 

2. I use a Mario Badescu seaweed foaming cleanser I use this every now and then It did break me out a little bit when I used it more than once a week so I do try to switch it up.

3. I use an Avocado enriched clay face mask yes its green, and I love it I use it twice a week it makes my face feel amazing. oh and its like 10 bucks from coles!!

4. I use the L’Oreal night elixir, my mother uses this all year round I find that I like it more for winter it just keeps the hydration in my skin. 

5- L’Oreal age perfect night moisturizer this is a surprisingly thick cream and that is why I am glad I purchased it for winter, however it doesn’t feel overly greasy on my skin when I use it.

 6- I have a micro demerbrasion kit that a relative gave me as a gift and I do that once a week generally on a Friday (pamper/day off) if not once a week I do it once a fortnight

this is like an added product.. if you read my posts on a regular basis you will know I received frank like a month or so ago and I love him he is a massive part of my exfoliating routine. Frank

also a reminder my giveaway closes next week.. which means what now?? that PLL season 5 also begins. If you still want to enter click HERE and leave me your proudest moment 🙂 I’ll be announcing the winner in there own post 😛 

and the last thing I have to tell you is that I am starting a new series of blogs next week that will be called Taboo Talk, it will be where I ask on all my social media platforms topics that you think are taboo and I will have a discussion about them, please if you have Taboo subjects you think I should talk about in anyway leave them below in the comments I would really appreciate it.

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until next time xox 

stay lovely


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