NYX & ChiChi shadow review

hey lovelies, 

I am doing a review on some recently bought shadows mainly some newish palettes from NYX and two new shadows from CHI CHI not new really but new to my collection.

The two chi chi shadows I got are there baked singles shadows I love these they are incredible for the price, the quality is amazing they go on like butter and they feel so smooth and amazing even to swatch I already have one of these shadows and I mainly use it as a highlight but when I went shopping not long ago I thought I should pick up some more. 

I got two colours the first is enough is enough which I believe is a matte brown, its beautiful I have no complaints about these shadows I think they are simply stunning. The second colour I got was burning up which is a beautiful gold as you can see in the picture below.



Top; enough is enough 
Bottom; Burning up 

the next set of products are the NYX love in paris palette and the love in Rio trios. First things first how stinking cute is the packaging I love the bows as clasps it was part of the reason I had to have so many of them they are just so adoreable. 

I got the LIP09 Merci Beaucoup palette and I love the colours some of them don’t have an amazing pay off you do have to layer them a few times but they are amazing colours that I have been using everyday for like a week now. This palette has an array of mainly natural colours with a sort of burnt orange and deep shimmered red thrown in.

I also got two of the Love in Rio little trios again the bows just do it for me!! I got them in LIR03 Amazonian Babes and LIR14  Moonlit Skinny Dip. LIR14 has more matte neutral shades where as LIR03 is still neutral with more shimmer and sparkles I love them and have been using all three eye shadow sets on a daily basis to create as many looks as possible.

I am in love with all the shadows the NYX palettes aren’t as creamy as the Chi Chi shadows however they are good and for the price you pay I think they are amazing. The colours are really cool and you could easily take any of these travelling and use them for everyday looks to a smokey eye at night. 



Love in Paris Palette 



Love In Rio Amazonian Babes 



Moonlit Skinny Dip Love In Rio by NYX 

until next time stay lovely xx 


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