Frank Coffee Scrub

Hey guys, 

Today’s post is exciting for me because while I was away I purchased online some Frank coffee scrub after watching Karissa Pukas talk about it I had to give him a go and today he arrived in the mail.. I was super excited because he arrived early enough that I could give you my first impressions of him before tonight. 

so with out further ado here is frank 



so this is what he looks like he is resealable which I was impressed with and the packing is simple but makes a statement. He is available in two different kinds the original and the Coconut and Grapeseed. I purchased the original Frank just to give him  a try. It is in a 200g pack which is 7 oz and he will set you back around AUD 14.95 for the original and 17.95 for the coconut and grapeseed. 



Above is what the product looks like in the bag, it is kind of messy so I would recommend doing it in the shower 😉 

So to sum up my first impression of this product is this; 

the packaging and product itself are simple and straightforward, it is a little messy to apply so don’t do it straight after you’ve cleaned the bathroom, however it felt amazing exfoliating my skin, I couldn’t even begin to describe to you how tantalizing it made my skin feel, I am impressed with the product and will continue to use this one up and of coarse keep you all posted on whether I will be re purchasing or not.. I think the price for the product you get is truly reasonable and if you are unsure the packing on the back is filled with information and the website is just a simple click away. 

all in all I will be keeping this little man in my life 😉   

australian Frank

Us + Canadian Frank 

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