Messy Top Knot + Flight Update

hey guys, 

so it is saturday and tomorrow morning I will be up and getting ready to fly.. 

I did all my face cleaning and everything today and made sure I am all fresh feeling for flying.. 

I am super excited to be going on a mini holiday and I will do an OOTD tomorrow at the airport 🙂 

I think I may add a sort of tutorial on my top knot bun that I always wear 😀 

Image   my hair is down and I have been spraying it with heat protector before leaving the house

Image  I brush my hair into a high ponytail, I then grab it and wrap it up over itself and place a hair tie around it

Image I wrap it and pull it till its as big or round or messy as I want it, then I pin it into place with bobby pins. 

Image and this is the final product. 

this look is super easy, I use it a lot during summer and spring when its hot and I don’t like having hair on my neck.. 

hope you guys like this let me know 🙂 

stay lovely xx 


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