YouTube’s Lovely Ladies

Good morning, 

I thought today I would do a simple post about my favourite You tube gurus. Update alert I did get some medication for my infection however I also have a chest infection so my body is fighting a double dose of not niceness..ill be better soon 🙂 soo here we go 

these are really in no particular order, but these are the women I love watching on you tube whenever I get the chance or need a bit of inspiration.. 


Kandee Johnson 

Everyone should know who this beautiful lady is, she is inspirational and a bundle of happiness on your You tube screen I started watching beauty on you tube because of this pretty lady, and she truly is amazing inside and out 🙂 if you don’t watch her you should!! she honestly makes me smile when I am sick or sad or I just want to learn some basic tricks she is just a big ball of inspirational sunshine 😀 and I adore her 🙂



so I did end up going in an order after Kandee tagged Jaclyn Hill in a video I had to go and check her out and I was hooked I had found another beauty lover with amazing techniques and tips who always looked flawless and had a personality that just made you want to watch her. Jaclyn is so just herself in everyway and it really comes through in her videos 🙂

I bet you can guess what beauty Vlogger I saw next…


Nicole Guerriero

This girl is just so damn lovable in every way I watch her channel religiously she is just incredible to me she makes me laugh all the time she is so down to earth and straight up and totally and inspiration well to me anyway!! 🙂

I have watched these three lovely ladies for a while and I adore them, but recently I did find to additions to my list of lovable Youtubers 


Karissa Pukas 

This girl is totally lovable you just have to watch one video to be addicted she also does some fashion videos which I find awesome along with all her vlogs and stuff, I would suggest anyone to check her out she is bubbly bright and really happy 🙂 I enjoy watching her videos because they are upbeat and I have found I do have things in common with her which is always a fun fact to find out.

and lastly but most defiantly not least 



this girl is gorgeous, she is funny and bubbly and has the best personality that comes across in her videos, her make up is always flawless and she is easy to follow and her tutorials are great, she is only a newby in my list but will always keep her spot in my favourite youtube lovelies.


all these ladies are lovely and I enjoy watching them.. my internet limit hates me for it but they make me laugh smile and feel better all week when I have been sick, they were that little bit of entertainment and sunshine in my room 🙂 



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