Sunday Surprises- weekend ramble and some cool pics

Hey everyone, 

so it has been another weekend however we have had some cool spontaneous moments with our neighbors who are like a little family around here, and also some amazing foods, company and just plain relaxing. I did do an update about my flying and traveling in my last post so I don’t really need to touch on that however every time I fly I always post mainly boring photos from the airports but also some cool pics from the sky on instagram so if you want to keep up to date with me while I am away follow me I’ll leave the link at the end. I am going to do some shopping whilst I am with the boyfee at places like Mac and benefit which could mean a make up haul post.. yay 🙂 keep a look out for that.. 

anyway enough with the boring and lets start with my OOTD 



My singlet is from Kmart, I really love the pattern even though I am not a massive floral person.. 

and my obsession my pants are my Boho patterned ALLY leggings I love these pants. 

The bag I think I got from target I have had it for ages I love it for times when i need something smaller than a full blown bag 

my cardi is from Ice like years agoo. 


This is my face make up contour and eye shadow, no lips done though; 


classics pressed powder in cream beige 
LOREAL lumi magique in what I think is number 20 
Rimmel wake me up concealer in light 
napoleon perdis highlight and contour palette I used the dark contour powder for my contour; I also used my Napoleon Perdis concealer quad (set) and used the dark colour for a cream contour and highlighted with the lightest colour. 
on my cheeks I used my NYX matte bronzer and my loreal le blush in sandalwood pink it is a very sheer blush and does say on the packaging for fair skin tones; they did have other shades when I bought it i just liked the lighter one. 
for my brows I did use my Revlon brow maker I use the medium and dark colour and my brow fantasy gel 

so we ended up going to a pub we like as it had a new challenge called the chilli dan buster burger and my neighbors husbands gave it a go, if you have ever watched man vs food it was a little like that but Australian ( since I love that show I couldn’t resist going) enjoy.. 


The men sizing up there food and all of us looking on as well as half the pub 



ariel veiw (im standing on the chair) this shit was HUGE 



inside the burger; it was half a pound patty 10 rashers of bacon six hash browns jalapeons avacado and alot of other stuff 

I didn’t get any photos at the end because i was eating my normal sized meal of steak and dealing with kiddies but neither of them finished the whole meal they did a massive effort though and it was heaps of fun for the whole pub I believe. 



Me when we got home it had started raining and the temperature had dropped pretty quickly which I do like cause it means DOGMA hoodie time!! 

My make up was still actually looking good despite being in a small shower of rain and humidity and wind and elements.. I was impressed 



I then drove my sick daddy too get some medicine and it was gloomy which I still think is super pretty 🙂 



I ended my night watching a Jaclyn hill youtube video and getting up this post however it is 12.20 soo this will say its a monday post it is totally not!!! I have a make up inspired post for you on monday 🙂 

this was my weekend mainly my day today I didn’t take any photos of saturday cause I was driving most of the day 😦  

P.s my instagram; kannelise there is a link here somewhere 😛 

till next time stay lovely xx 


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