The 100 Season 3 Final Review

Yes that is a snap chat photo of me with my wine (coke).

That is it my favourite show gone with no release date for the next season to give me hope, now I will have time for those assignments that seem to pile up.. Not before I comment on my favourites and least favourite parts of the season final.


Season Three has been an emotional rollercoaster that has approached some pretty intense concepts such as free will and choice, watching raven lose it was heart breaking but watching her rip everyone else apart with her wit was highly entertaining, well everyone except Bellamy who went full male and zoned her out. That emotional roller coaster kind of ended on a more sombre and less exciting note not exactly anti climatic in my eyes but also not as BANG what you going to do now as the previous seasons.


So the episode started its theme with Abby who was returned from the city of light and forced to face what she had done to her daughter in a small amount of time before they went straight back into action. Murphy helping Clarke and Bellamy was a massive highlight for me as we have seen his character grow in such a sweet way to have someone to care about and want to protect we will get to my most adored moment shortly. The show follows through well with the hatred from Octavia flowing through her when it comes to pike and the fact she is being forced to work with him O just cant get over Lincolns death and quite frankly neither can I so you go ahead and hate him Octavia.


We saw some development from Bellamy owning up to what he had done and trying to find a way to forgive himself and live with it as well as some beautiful best friend moments between him and Clarke when she takes the blood and the chip hoping for Bell to reassure her.


The most beautiful moment for me was the return of Lexa (disclaimer I ship Clarke with everyone including Bellamy so don’t kill me) The execution of that moment her returning in full warrior mode to protect Clarke and help her out and going out as she would have liked to being a warrior protecting and serving her people and Clarkes.


The combination of all these beautiful emotional elements didn’t fall short at the end when we see Jasper looking at Monty, Harper and Raven celebrating and it resonates that he seems on the out and where is he going to go from here after all he was finally happy again. Octavia gets her revenge in a room full of people trying to forgive themselves and come to terms with what they have done which gave it an artistic bitter sweet feel because her reason was real he killed someone on his own judgement blood for blood. Murphy and Emori were another highlight getting to see them together and what kind of life will be in store for them in season 4 I am almost certain they will join Clarke and Bellamy in trying to save the world from Allie’s shocking impending doom.


The final gets 3.5 flames out of 5 simply because it had all the emotional elements I could have hoped for but it didn’t leave me dying for season 4 instead it left me with closure.

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Trip Time

So it was that time of the year again and I took a quick two week trip over to the other side of Australia in Perth. This trip I indulged in a lot of food and did a massive amount of walking well for me anyway. A trip away means a post full of pictures so I may reminise on my trip and share my favourite parts of Perth.

This was my first time enjoying the sights and wonder of Kings Park, a short bus ride out of the city centre you reach this beautiful botanical gardens that extend for miles, it has a combination of history and beauty with its Anzac memorials such as the constantly burning flame pictured in the top left, and views of the entire city. It was a long walk around approximately 4km round trip which left me aching the next day, it was surprisingly busy and we went at around 3.30-4pm in the afternoon. It was worth seeing the gorgeous plants and incredible views as well as tributes to Australia’s history.


Our next stop was the newly named Elizabeth Quay, which was once the esplanade, it has been getting renovations for a little while now and though it looked really cool I could not manage to walk a step further. The picture on the left I was inspired to take as I had red somewhere that travel photography takes forever to get right as there are always people in the way or something along those lines and yet I managed in between road crossings to capture a rather quiet city street before boarding the train. The bridges on the left are a new edition to the area that now I think about it remind me of the big M… hmm nice Segway right because you know what is next the FOOD!!

So upon arrival I had to go with the classic Nando’s it was introduced to me in Perth and is now a staple every time I go, it just tastes so much better where I originally fell in love with it, if you are like myself and do not do well with the spicy go the BBQ flavour it is love at first bite. This time I agreed to try a type of food I am very well known for never giving a chance other than the sweet dessert pictured in the top (churros are my food crush) MEXICAN, so on this trip I actually gave two different restaurants a try Mad Mex and Zambrero’s. We were in the city and all the Japanese restaurants were full which was a major bummer and Mad Mex have their 1kg burrito challenge in which macho man himself had to try of coarse so viola i ended up eating Mexican and of coarse because i love all that is edible I actually found myself enjoying the baby sized burrito that i got with my pineapple soda!! Zambrero’s was actually my idea to try because i decided one taste of Mexican wasn’t enough and again my mouth and stomach fell in love with the food I would recommend trying one of the two at least once.
The last food that I actually managed to capture myself eating was serve yourself Chinese this is a winner for me no matter where I am, I love picking my own food and having a few choices at once keeps the variety. We did make it to one Japanese restaurant in the city that served an incredible pork ramen which we loved and will defiantly be trying again it was a diamond in the rough kind of store and not all that expensive either, only I have no clue what it was called and of coarse it was the one place I did not capture myself eating up a storm!!

I stay in Rockingham each time I visit Perth and this time I actually got down the beach and took some wicked photos, it was freezing on this day and I didn’t take a jumper of coarse.

This trip to WA was one of my favourites as I managed to spend time seeing more of the city and the surrounding areas enjoying the food and taking some amazing photos around a developing and yet untouched kind of state. I can not wait until the next time I am over that way and the other areas I shall explore.

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Current News

Hey Guys,

So I have been AWOL on twitter for months unable to access it and then just forgot in all honesty, we know I am hopeless. Today anyway i got around to getting on twitter and realized I’ve let my knowledge of current events slip with Panamapapers trending on twitter, and the detention centers trending on both, it seemed like I had missed a lot to have an opinion on.

The panama papers I am not really going to dive into as I am not overly knowledgeable about tax evasion or off shore loading ect… but what I will say is that I have faith that some media representatives are searching for the truth and to let the people know what they need too and to hold these people accountable for their actions. Really that’s all I have to say though I will continue following the reports.

The detention centers however have irked me for a long time, I know that we need to process people I get where the government is coming from but it seems we treat our criminals better than these people and those children, I think the system could use an entire overhaul and a little compassion could go a long way, we need to protect humanity, day by day it slips away and people relish in fear and prosecution especially with the media generation and the ability to name and shame anyone or anything so readily available humanities going down the drain and losing its common sense…

so that is all I have on the news currently, I am going to get back to work and then reward myself by watching the 100 – yes I have a new addiction #Bellarke all the way😛

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Surviving University & Anxiety

I am in my second year of University (my final year) and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to go to university. Last year it was scary and exciting as I fumbled through classes and assignments, I also endured several panic attacks and bouts of anxiety that weren’t always obvious to those around me. I am now in my second year, which gave me the idea of sharing these strategies for surviving university with anxiety.

Oral presentations is pretty much number one on my list of anxiety provoking situations that involve university, why because everyone is looking directly at you and waiting for you to speak and not only that but you are actually being judged and graded on what you have to say which is to me one of the scariest things to do and yet I have managed to do 4 in my first year of semester and I have some coming up in this one. My tips don’t include the usual tips like picture everyone in their underwear. My first tip is to be prepared practice giving that speech to an empty room a million times or even to a mirror, this is good for being confident in what you’re saying and also for timing yourself to make sure you don’t go over, or too under (always leaving a little extra because your speech will speed up in front of people) I have found that the more I have practiced a speech and know what I need to say the less I get stressed when giving it. My second tip is picking a subject you’re actually interested in two of the presentations I have given have gone well and I was given good grades because I believed in and interested in what I was talking about, although this isn’t always possible make the subject your talking about as interesting to yourself as possible take a different angle on the subject find a small aspect of it that you can become remotely interested in and it will improve your speech and your confidence at the same time. Even though I use these tools every time I give a presentation I am still not confident up there all the time, I shake and sweat and stumble on my words but I don’t let myself get distracted by putting myself down I keep going and applaud myself for getting up there in the first place for facing what makes me anxious and it’s a good feeling.

Talking in class and answering the lecturer or tutors questions is something I find daunting even if I know the answer, because I know people will be looking and paying attention to what I say this isn’t something I really have coping strategies for but I find that if I am confident in my answer or the subject I am more obliged to speak, as well as if I have less people in my class I am more comfortable speaking or voicing my opinion. I know my fear in this situation comes from a fear of rejection or judgement.

Study and study some more, this really is the number one tip I have, I would not have gotten as far as I have if I didn’t study, finding the definitions of things I was unsure about or theories I didn’t quite understand. The Internet and books are your friend and they aren’t going to judge you or make you feel stupid, because well they don’t know who you are or why you searched them. I avoid asking questions again a fear of judgement or rejection so a lot of the time I leave it up to research and study to explain things that I don’t understand and if I didn’t do this I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.

Surviving with anxiety is hard it’s an every day battle with yourself and your doubts but it doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you’ve always wanted to do. University was a dream of mine for many years and I never imagined I would be smart enough or able to take the opportunity not to mention how incredibly scary the buildings were and all the other people and yet here I am pushing through all the worry in my head to get there and get it done. In saying all of this don’t stress if some days it’s just too hard I have those days too where I really just can not cope and going outside my door is too difficult and mostly ill push through that but some times it really is too much and I’ve found that, that is okay too, you need to keep your own health in check before everything else.

I hope these help someone in a similar circumstance or someone who has a friend or partner going through this to see another perspective.

Keep creating yourselves



One Year On

I published a post at the start of this year, New Beginnings that told of all the exciting things to come and the start of my university journey, it is now the end of that year and I have a lot to say about starting university.

first things first it is expensive haha, it is also a lot of work. I have been doing study for around 4 years now gaining a certificate and a diploma in my chosen field I really felt this would just be an extension and it is but it has also been way more intense and a lot of work. In saying these things I could and never would regret choosing this path for myself  I have learnt some really great things and had some wonderful and inspiring teachers along the way.

I finished for the year about a week ago and final exams are were I leave all my stress at the end of a semester and this one especially because it is the festive season and I could finally get into the spirit of christmas and do things with my family once my exams were over.

I wanted to write this post more or less to say I am not any less excited or thrilled by university than I was at the beginning of the year it has been the most incredible and humbling experience in learning I have had thus far and I am excited to continue this experience into 2016.

I will be grateful a year from now that I will be graduating and I am sure that will be the next year on post that you see on here. If any of you are thinking of university or college I say go for it, put in the work and enjoy the ride the academics is not all it will teach you.

Keep creating yourselves


Body Image RANT.

I know I’ve written about this before, however it’s an important issue.
so body image is something that I see feel and think comes up quite a lot in society and in conversations. I was recently having a conversation with someone that with out I think them even realising that what they were saying was really kind of not nice. people struggle with body image day in and day out I am generally an upbeat person about my body but even i have days where it just sucks and looking in the mirror is the last thing i want to do. I’ve noticed that recently it has become a gravitating factor in conversations and thinking, not my body image per say but other woman being objectified by specific areas of their body. I don’t think it is wrong to appreciate certain aspects of the female body but to place such as emphasis on it is kind of ridiculous.

people have personalities and stories and so much more to them than an arse,tits,legs or a belly. I don’t judge guys on how attractive they are rarely It’s more about who they are as people and the impact they have on my life. I am not one to be jealous of others bodies good or not but people out there are and they do get concerned or insecure about there own so ladies and gents worrying about it please know there is so much more to you than just your body.

I don’t really think i am going anywhere with this post that is exceptionally inspirational I just find that a lot of the time I ask myself why does this person care its not like there the next supermodel (male or female) you know? there is more to you than just what is on the outside and yet you still judge people that way its not really fair at the end of the day.

if you’re feeling down about your weight or any physical aspect of yourself remember that it is not the only part to you, your beautiful for so many other reasons and thats what counts.

keep creating yourselves


Monday Mayhem

warning explicit content and swearing..

what is the best way to beat the nothing to blog about blues than sex ?

well not just sex in general but porn and foreplay and all the other exciting aspects of the bedroom. So we all enjoy sex at one time or another whether its causal, romantic, passionate, rough or frequent we all do it, enjoy it (sometimes).

there is very little that is off limits with me to discuss about the bedroom,

1. period and sex (its a thing I’m cool with that not my thing though)

2. Anal i know its popular believe me i know why again just not my thing

3. shaming based on sexual activity that shit ain’t cool and honestly how does it affect your life what someone else’s sex life is like??

I am going to start with porn, i know what it is, i am aware its been around forever but i never really took an interest in it lately I’ve discovered there is a crap load of different types, and most guys watch it so I want to check out the hype about fake televised sex i shall be getting back to you on that one..

let me know what you think would you watch porn with your partner or on your own ladies?

foreplay may not be necessary for men but for women its kind of a given and since we go to the effort of giving you blow jobs as well as sex and endless love its totally not that hard and can build the suspense and make the sex even better so why not try it..

I find it important in my own relationship every now and then to keep it intriguing for both of us but I’m not expert.

even if sex isn’t a top priority for you for any reason it still needs to be there to satisfy the relationship (not always) as well as affection love, trust and all the other components that make a healthy relationship, what are your thoughts on sex,foreplay and porn..

keep creating your sex life😉