update time, Its my final weeks of my first semester of uni final exams coming up and three massive assignments due this week, I have been busy as hell and believe me it has kind of felt like hell for the last couple of weeks.

I am heading away in three weeks, for a couple of week holiday to penguin island and to see fuck face unstoppable and BAM which i am super excited about. let me tell you I am ready for a holiday.

there is some cool stuff coming up, i am at uni today and i wore high heeled boots and now my feet really hurt!!!!

ooh i have a current obsession known as tell em steve dave podcast shit is unreal!!!

not much else to tell you all,

keep creating yourselves


Obsessive confusion

Hey guys,

How many of you have been in a situation that you have found unbearably confusing where you go around in circles in your head trying to make a decision, it could be the least complicated decision like what to wear to class the next day, or how your going to write the intro to your English assignment, to whether you want to ask your crush out or not, to something as complex as a love triangle or struggling with your internal feelings void of circumstance.

No matter the issue or level of complexity we have all been in this kind of situation where consequences, actions and alternatives are running through our heads on repeat until eventually we drive our self crazy and throw in the towel on the whole situation.

Now that everyone can relate add a whole five weeks of psych study on top of the already repetitive thoughts swirling around heading into what now looks like a cyclone in my head, because not only am I aware of my choices, consequences thoughts and behaviours I am also now acutely aware of where they come from, how they are stationed and what causes them (in theory anyway). I have all these extra reasoning tools and justification options to explain or justify the choices I make, and whilst I am in the process of trying to justify all these action, or theories I am ripping my internal psych and personality to pieces.

Leading to a downward spiral that resulted in an outburst of tears and misunderstanding and sobbing and yelling to a very patient boyfriend, which isn’t really helpful, when it comes to making decisions, so here I am sitting at Uni getting my head filled with a shit load of different ways of looking and evaluating a situation that have actually left me more lost and running to my best friends house as soon as possible.

If you have any tips tricks or ways to work out tough decisions that are obsessing in your head, let me know in the comments?

Keep creating yourself


Hello again 17

It’s a bright stinking hot saturday and I figured hey why not
lay under the fan and chat to the computer…

Yesterday I caught up with a friend that I have known since I was about 16,
our friendship was a whirlwind from meeting to instantly becoming best friends
we were almost inseparable, when we met I was on the coast just visiting
and ended up spending a whole week of my two week holiday with her,
and then making a life changing decision not long after that to move back to the coast.

fast forward through our friendship and at 17 I moved in with her and my boyfriend at the time,
to an apartment in surfers paradise not knowing that it would be something that literally changed me.

living together was a blast we were all loving it, then my boyfriend at the time and I split up,
yet he continued to live with us (that didn’t end so well) and so things were interesting to say the least,

then some of our mates moved in so there was five of us in the one apartment, it got loud and fun a little blurry at times,
but hey 17 year olds living together what else could you expect,
although these people were friends at the time or people I haven’t spoken too since, I realised when talking to my friend
that they will always be the people that changed my perspective on several things.

1. relationships and committment

2. Family in the essence you can make your own

3. a hangover

4. a seriously good cup of coffee changes everything

5. who you are at 17 won’t be who you are in 4 years time, but parts of you will be the same

one of the friends I lived with was well and truly wise beyond his years
and things happen now with my job or my education that really throw me back to that time
or to things that he said that really impacted how I view certain aspects of the world,

I have to thank all the experiences and adventures I had for all the awesome lessons I have learnt and will continue to learn forever.



keep creating yourselves.


On the bed-Cross roads

Have you ever reached a point in your life or in a portion of your life that you just don’t know what to do anymore, where you’re going? You had everything all mapped out and then out of nowhere that’s not the road you want to go down, that is how I am feeling right now.


Last year I had this plan and I had everything mapped out the way it was going to go and how I was going to get there and in the last two weeks I have found myself hating parts of that plan cutting them left right and centre, my heart just isn’t in it all the things that we’re working before aren’t working now. I don’t really understand this position because I don’t even exactly know what I want at the moment I just seem to know what I don’t want, which isn’t really being helpful.


I am not an overly negative person I like to live off vibes and feelings around me but lately I have been feeling different kinds of vibes, I have started different things in my life and I can feel little parts of me changing and developing as I am faced with different situations and yet I feel like some of the people around me aren’t growing or changing with me, or that they aren’t changing at all may actually be the underlying problem.


Everything is really new for me at the moment, exciting and demanding with university and the qualification I am trying to get things are tightly stretched and any time I can have to myself to do things I like is a gift which Is rare at the moment, back to the issue, I really am confused about how I am feeling right now because I keep changing my mind on the end result of what specific area I would like to go into, what foods I really don’t like, how I feel about the colour blue and what style I am going for, all of these things seem trivial I know but its right down to the classes my mind is changing every couple of minutes to new things I want to try and then reasons I can’t do those things and even in the relationships I have with people, these things are rushing through my head and changing rapidly and it feels like all that planning and mapping was really just a waste of time because I am back in wavy unknown waters were I am paddling to find a place where I can stand catch my breath and then paddle some more until I find that right wave to ride home and finish the day.


So now that I have rambled about being completely lost in the sea of my thousand mile an hour thoughts, you guys should let me know how you cope when your feeling a little stressed/confused or lost in life?


From my bed to your screen- until next time

Keep creating yourselves


Social Experiment

hey there everyone,

so I am working on assessment that has to do with physical attraction and of coarse personality but I need a hand working on the physical attractiveness portion.

below are pictures of two fine celebrities if you would like in the comments please select which one you find more attractive this goes for men and women as I am measuring changes in standards.

544954_947179498677991_5208878607953117235_n                        10978582_947179482011326_3754630104208665963_n

on the left you have Ian Somerhalder & on the right you have Channing Tatum.

I am also asking this question on facebook, instagram and twitter.. feel free to join in the fun and thank you :)

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I want to be prime minister

Originally posted on KANNELISE :

Hey guys,

A lot of you may have already heard that here in Aus there has just been a situation that apparently warranted non stop media attention, it has also over flowed social media platforms and every body seems to have their opinions on the matter. I have watched this turn into its own cyber storm over the last day or so and divided opinions are being voiced and debated. Out of this has even come the trending hash tag #illridewithyou which is about keeping every day life safe for innocent individuals that may be targeted due to religious attire. I personally believe this trend may have been sparked to try and prevent another situation such as the Cronulla Riots I have linked to wikipedia for reference if you are unsure what happened there.

I am generally proud to live in Australia and I am Australian you know how I…

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help me!

Good afternoon bloggers,

I am slowly discovering what things inspire me and I figure since this is a community

you could all come with me on my journey to work with people and change the things that

I am unhappy with in this world.

I will be getting some help from friends and family around me however if any of you

want to be involved or have causes that are close to your heart I ask that you send an email to


and I will read through whatever you have to say and contact you about what we can do,

how we can collaborate.

Look out for some interesting if not inspiring posts coming up.

hope all is well.

keep creating yourselves