Monday Mayhem

warning explicit content and swearing.. what is the best way to beat the nothing to blog about blues than sex ? well not just sex in general but porn and foreplay and all the other exciting aspects of the bedroom. So we all enjoy sex at one time or another whether its causal, romantic, passionate, rough or frequent we all do it, enjoy it (sometimes). there is very little that is off limits with me to discuss about the bedroom, 1. period and sex (its a thing I’m cool with that not my thing though) 2. Anal i know its … Continue reading Monday Mayhem

Double standards in sexism- On the Bed

Hey there, So I have come to the realisation recently that a massive issue for me is the double standards in sexism. I am one of those people that aren’t for feminism or against it and I am also not for the male equivalent I am for humans and Humanism. I prefer this stance not only because feminism is a tarnished brush and ridiculed due to social perception and negative connotations but also because I don’t believe you can fight for equality with something that is gender specific. Feminism had its place in bringing about the beginning of equality to … Continue reading Double standards in sexism- On the Bed

Meeting Bam & Fuckface Unstoppable

 Hey Guys, this week I did something totally random and really out of my comfort zone I went to a metal concert it was the concert of Fuckface Unstoppable and I met Bam Margera and the rest of the band. I am not a metal kind of person and I have especially never been to a metal gig I didn’t think I would like the music and really only went because we got to do a meet and greet with bam however I found myself loving the vibe and really getting into the music. It isn’t going to be my … Continue reading Meeting Bam & Fuckface Unstoppable

Dating Game| Change

Hey Guys, I thought jumping back in with a dating game post was a good way to go, this idea just hit me and that is my favourite way to write when ideas just pop into my head. I have a few little relationships things I want to talk about today, so strap in. Today I wanted to talk about changing whether its for a boyfriend, a crush, a friend, your girlfriend or any partnership. Physical aspects such as your weight or height or any aspect of you physically shouldn’t be impacted by a partner, as humans we have enough … Continue reading Dating Game| Change


update time, Its my final weeks of my first semester of uni final exams coming up and three massive assignments due this week, I have been busy as hell and believe me it has kind of felt like hell for the last couple of weeks. I am heading away in three weeks, for a couple of week holiday to penguin island and to see fuck face unstoppable and BAM which i am super excited about. let me tell you I am ready for a holiday. there is some cool stuff coming up, i am at uni today and i wore … Continue reading UPDATE