WTF Wednesday

Good morning/afternoon or evening depending on where you are,

yes you read the title right this segment is What The Fuck Wednesday.. it will actually normally be a Friday segment so welcome to and early what the fuck Friday :P 

These posts are going to be about everything that will make you want to go WTF this will be an ongoing post as my blog is having a face lift.. its going in for surgery around September and October but don’t worry I will not forget all my original readers and the content that got you here :) 

so lets kick it off with some news head lines I found this week that make me just go WTF 

Tigers in damage control after pot shots,  I did not know that tigers smoked pot ? but hey it makes a wicked headline 

Darwin prisoners busted trying to sneak back INTO prison, they got out they were free and lose for a bit and then they thought hey why don’t we sneak back in ? so many WTF things about this but my first question is why the hell did you go back if you were free ?
how does a prison not notice some inmates missing?
how did they get out with out anyone noticing but they couldn’t get back in ?

Jetstar passengers told to flush drugs before landing as there were reportedly sniffer dogs in the airport and the plane was full of festival goers… if your going to any music festivals don’t stress over your drugs the airlines got your back, future festival travel tip go jetstar!! 

That is all my WTF headilnes in news however I do have a WTF topic from international news

I am by no means a feminist but when I heard this I was like well that takes sexism to a whole new level…

Turkish official has made a statement saying that women should not laugh in public….. what the actual fuck like why not laughing I mean so we can sing and dance and maybe masturbate in public but we can sure as hell not laugh well Mr Turkish official I am laughing in public.. at you. I mean I know this is going to cause some kind of case for feminism but even if it was said about men it would be god damn hilarious. 

another thing that kinda makes me go WTF is vaagaziling this is apparently a thing that I didn’t know about and I am not exactly old I am only 21.. I found out about this sticking of rhinestones on your vagina and kinda just went WTF this is my argument against human cloning, why ladies why are you sticking scrap booking supplies on your vagina ?  personally I don’t think Id like to be getting all hot and sweaty and be blinded by a blinged out vagina what next don’t worry hunny when the lights are off ill make a landing strip out of fluro tape….. each to there own but if you do this please leave a comment or email telling me why???

That is all for my WTF wednesday soon to be friday :P 

Peace out till next time 


Quick Tip Tuesday

Hey Lovelies, 

Today I am coming at you with some quick tips of my own on how I perk myself up when I am under the weather for work or any kind of event you have to attend.

1. Do not get out of bed until your body can manage it, I woke up the other morning and I felt like absolute shit so I laid in bed for an extra 20 minutes and my body felt a little less terrible it doesn’t make a huge immediate difference however it does help to allow your body to build up it’s energy.

2. Drink Tea first, on days I am not feeling super I drink a cup of tea first thing instead of coffee. for myself it just seems to make that tiny little difference to how I am feeling.

3. Make a Dr’s appt if nessacery to get some wonderful antibiotics the quicker you do this step, the better you will be feeling

4. take a nice warm shower, I love showers when I feel shit the running water has magical properties.. like really its like the purple unicorn  I always wanted :P

5. with your make up and hair if you do need to do something I say KISS 





I normally chuck on a foundation, some neutral shadows and a lip balm or lip colored product and I chuck my hair up in a bun, sounds simple but it does make you look more decent.

if you are sick keep hydrated and do what you got to do to get better :) 

these are my 5 quick tips for this Tuesday, if you have any cool tricks or tips leave me a comment I would love to hear them.

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until next time Peace Out 


75th Batman’s anniversary

Yes I am a batman fan I love the comics and I don’t mind the movies so the other day for the 75th anniversary of batman I created a dark smoldering look that you may have seen on my Instagram.

I get so excited to try looks inspired by comic heros and villains it’s like my inner nerd gets to shine on out :)




So these are some pictures of the look, I used my L’Oreal infallible in midnight blue (that is not the name) as well as my black eye liner and black shadow from my nyx love in Paris palette and my L’Oreal colour infallible black sparkly shadow.

I was inspired by the navy and black colours and shadings in the batman comics and I was really happy with how this look turned out in person the photos didn’t capture it true to colour which is a shame..

Anyway loves geek on and peace out ✌️

New foundation obsession

Hey loves,

This is just a quick post but I really needed to share with you a foundation I have been using daily and I am
Soo in love with!!

It is the maybelline better skin foundation, I saw it in my local supermarket and was immediately drawn to it.

It is gorgeous it really does just look like my skin but better, I’ve been using my stippling brush to apply and I’m obsessed with how it looks and feels on my skin. It has been lasting all day at work and people have been complimenting me on how nice my skin looks.
I really think this was an awesome purchase and a beautiful new product by maybelline :)

If you wanted to try it then I recommend you should and if you didn’t want to before now you really should ;)

Peace out lovelies

Perfection in Primers

Sorry I have been MIA and if you didn’t notice I’m back anyway.
I have had a hectic like two weeks but I am here with like an amazing beauty review.. So it’s not really that amazing.

I recently purchased the L’Oreal nude magique blur cream I am all for anything pore minimizing or filling, as I have some noticeable pores on certain parts of my face, I thought why not I’m out of my porefessional and my nyx pore filling primer, this is such a similar formula to porefessional that I think I’m going to stick with it.. It really did blur my pores it was amazing.

I am in love with this product if you like pore filling/blurring or minimizing you will like this product.

Also I got some gorgeous nails this week from a target sale YAY :)


Relationship Advice.


I see a lot of questions and social media posts going around about perfect relationships and how they are attainable, I am by no means a relationship Councillor however I have been in a long distance relationship for over a year and a half now and I have also kept previous relationships for generally over the 12 month mark anything in between to me was either not worth calling a relationship or simply an experience that has helped me gather my knowledge.

I picked questions that I found interesting and thought you would find interesting; if you have differing opinions or other helpful hints then strike up a discussion in the comments.

Why do people cheat?

almost every person has cheated at some point in there life and if you haven’t then you most likely will, and if you never do or never have you sir and madam are one heck of a good person. People generally cheat when they are unsatisfied or unfulfilled in their current situation ( Take note I said SITUATION not relationship) this means that something in their life is not working out for them or they are feeling unsatisfied with it, That does not mean you should feel the need to over compensate or change yourself especially since it may not be you that is the problem, you should always be yourself and if a person cheats then really just pick yourself up and walk on because seriously they need to work on other areas of their life before they are ready to accommodate someone as amazing as you! 

they could also have commitment issues in which case I send you straight back to my last statement.

Who is to blame when you fight?

Okay so from my experience No one, I don’t think you are going to get very far blaming each other, people tend to disagree because we are different and we believe and enjoy different things.. so we will at some point in every relationship not see things the same way, in this situation best bet is to figure out what works for you; My partner and I disagree on things at least once a month we will have a debate about something and I mean it could just be who should play anniken in the new star wars, yes we do disagree on shit like that constantly however I know that in like ten minutes he is going to be over it and he knows that if he says something that really upsets me that a simple sorry and are you okay? will make it better. 

now if we get into an actual fight or argument which I think we have maybe once in that circumstance we just yelled at each other and both spoke our piece until we were over it and on the same page again. 

My advice would be to find what problem solving works for you and always be able to talk about things that are bothering you.

If one half of a relationship seems to be consistently starting fights for the point of fighting I refer you to the end of question 1.. pick up your awesome ass and move along, you will be more awesome and a lot happier for it.

Why do relationships fail 

relationships can fail for many of reasons things such as timing, age, experience and just simply because that was not your path in life, It sucks when things don’t work out and it doesn’t matter which side of it your own dumper or dumpee either side is hard and it hurts either way unless you are heartless and soul-less in which case carry on and find someone just like you.

I think ultimately when relationships fail it is because something better is getting ready to come in like a wrecking ball on your life so enjoy the quiet before miley comes flying through your bedroom wall.. always remember though you are the bomb and your only going to get more awesome and more lovable as you get older and someone is going to appreciate that you can recite every word from frozen.

Can long distance relationships work? 

Yes and again yes. 

People seem to think that physically being with someone is like the be all and end all well just because I feel like using Ironic examples if two people can wait till after marriage to be physically intimate two people who love and adore each other can manage a time span away from each other. However if you are going into a long distance relationship keep in mind it is most definitely not easy street you have to have a few things in place before you take this separate adventure things like trust are super important if you don’t trust the person you are dating and they are miles away I think there is a problem, or at least there will be you will drive yourself nuts with worry about what they are doing and it totally is not worth having mental breakdowns over if you are that person again take your awesomeness and find someone closer to home. 

If you can pass the trust step awesome but there is another LOYALTY this is important because that person needs to be able to trust you and no relationship distance or not is going to work if you are not a loyal son or daughter of a byatch. 

If you can trust and be loyal then you pass, go ahead with it but be strong and prepared remember to speak to them often and keep communication lines open and if you are dieing to see each other organize a meet up even for a short time it will totally help.

remember it is not forever, you are working towards a goal or a time when you can be together when you have your doubts focus on that.

 Isn’t jealousy a way to know they care ? 

answer these few questions for yourself and you’ll have your answer 

does there “jealousy” stop you from being you?
does it borderline on controlling? 
are you worried about what they will think 24/7?

if you answered yes to any of these questions then I would say No it is not a way to show they care about you it is a serious issue that will send there and your hair  grey prematurely… drive to the next window..

How do you manage the moving in conversation and when ? 

when is up to you as each persons relationships differ, you could move in together after six or twelve months or after three though I don’t recommend moving in after three months. 

*personal time* 

I had a boyfriend live with me once we hadn’t been together very long and so our relationship failed after living together for what was i think about 4 months, he cheated which was wonderful and of coarse I was too much of a nice person to leave him on the streets so I let him live with my friend and I regardless he is the one ex that I would still king hit if I ever see the bastard in the street. I put this down to the fact I was young and stupid and we went way to quickly into something that no one was ready for. 

so when looking at the whole time to move in thing though I don’t want to set any limits just make sure you are both 100% on it and comfortable. 

now to the actual conversation I think if you are ready to move in together you should be comfortable talking about it and just keep an open mind about whether they may find that a scary next step, they do say all your flaws show when you live with someone, so don’t be offended if they just aren’t ready. I would also suggest not taking on a full on so we are going to live in this house.. and have this couch and this and that kind of approach as it may put some people off just saying, but if that is how your shit rolls then you go with it.

why don’t “fuck buddies” work ?

I love this question!! I mean we see all the movies (friends with benefits) and countless numbers of magazines and shit talking about this and you always wonder why it doesn’t work and if that’s not what you’re thinking then I am assuming you are saying to yourself hell no that ain’t me I can pull that off look at me and all my one night stands. 

I am the kind of person that is intrigued by the fact that it doesn’t work, I put it down to the fact that humans have hearts and souls and those annoying things called emotions.. if you are a creature that has none of these then please exit left and go back to Azkaban… 

if you are a normal human or wizard then you will understand that you have emotions as annoying as that is that in my opinion is what creates the conundrum of fuck buddie failure it is just natural that being in such close proximity of another person you will inevitably be attracted to them especially since in the first place when you start the agreement you are already attracted to them.. 

How do you keep dates interesting ?

I included this question because I am going to give you a link to the most beautiful blog out there.. LC 

Now I see my partner at least once a month for about 1-2 weeks which is heaps of time for us to spend together, some of that time we go shopping our out for cupcakes and meals if you follow my instagram you will find all the gorgeous cupcakes we find.. YUMM!! but we also spend time at home doing 1v1 on COD (call of duty) or shooting up clubs and shit on saints row and GTA which we both love doing or reading, or watching our fave shows together for us as long as we are in each others company it doesn’t really matter what we are doing.. 

if ya want some more info on dates I think are cool I may make it it’s own post.

Okay so that is all the questions I think I can manage tonight, I am going to go and probs watch some star wars or my little pony and drink hot chocolate because its like 5 degrees and I am freezing.

if you have any cool tips or even stories to add strike up a convo in my comments I’ll be sure to reply 

Peace out 





I did not take the feature image incase people freak its from pintrest.

Holiday Planning Tips


I am super excited that I am attending IMATS in Sydney Australia :)  if you don’t know what Imats is then click it and find out..

It is in September which is like two months away and I only really had one and a half months to plan this shit which is crazy right ? it was total stress central in my head!! however I have found some useful little websites and things that helped me calm the storm I call my brain and so I wanted to share them with all of you :) 


There are heaps of comparison sites floating around and so I am going to share a few and I am only linking my favorite, sorry.

this gem of a website saved my life for accommodation I really recommend it, especially if a good deal is your style I mean who isn’t up for savings ?? 

there are a couple of others like; 



I am not sure that they really compare to though..


I scored a $39 flight just by constantly checking back and forth on Jetstar Virgin and Flightcentre so I do recommend if yourself a partner or a helpful relative keeps up to date with current happy hour and sale flights. 


I can not say enough about this having a good estimate of what things cost or at least over estimating and having a budget so that you keep enough for each category involved in a holiday for example;

Food: $100 a day for two people for four nights would = $400 budget now it may not come to that but it also might and its better to over budget and have money left over than under budget.

Activities; I am looking at around $50 for each activity and possibly pre-booking them so they are already paid for.

Spending Money- I am going for an event that will involve me making purchases so I have set a budget for that as well and I do recommend doing so that you know how much to take with you and that way you have a limit and only get products on good deals or that you really want.

Travel- things like cabs and buses and trains cost a fair bit these days but don’t stress most states will offer passes for holiday goers that are 7 days of travel around an area for at minimum 50.00 they also have family passes including ferries and other such things which are great since public transport can sometimes add up.

so those are my try to stay stress free planning tips, I hope you learnt or got something useful from it. 

until next time Peace Out 

Kannelise xx



Beauty Blogger Award <3

Hey Guys, 

this award was created by the beautiful Cecilia of Cecilia’s Corner she actually nominated me herself if you want to check out that post it’s Grunge Look. I am really grateful to be nominated for this along side some other talented and gorgeous bloggers :)

Question Time

1. Where does your make up inspiration come from ?
as a child and early teen I was horrible and drawing and art my art teachers failed me and my friends were just like you suck but then I met two really nice tutors who were incredible artists and they taught me that drawing and art wasn’t about being able to create what other people wanted it was about creating things that meant something to you, to say the least I can now draw better I feel better about art on a whole and make up really bought that alive for me. My inspiration for some of my looks I create comes from YouTube Gurus like Jaclyn Hill Karissa Pukas and Shannon Harris.

2. What are three of your Holy Grail make up products that you can not live with out ? 

My holy grail Mascara is Maybelline illegal length I could not live with out this mascara, My True match foundation by L’Oreal it is kinda Tied with my Chi Chi foundation though and lastly my Chi Chi lipsticks I can’t choose just one shade but they are my holy grail of lipsticks.

3.What is your signature make up look that you wear most of the time?

I work an office job so most of the week I am rocking a full face of make up, depending on my hair colour at the time my signature look changes; for my blonde hair I rocked more of a modern Pin Up look and for my brunette hair I rock more of natural or neutral vibe with coppers or pinks on the eyes and nudes and pinks on the  lips.

4. Let us know your favorite make up brands ? 

Chi Chi 




5. Ultimate Make up Pet Peeve 

this isn’t a technical skill as much as being a beautiful person, My biggest pet peeve with make up is when other girls will judge someone on it e.g she wears too much make up, her eyeliner is wonky ect.. make up is an art every artists paints differently so do make up artists they each go and do their own thing and they rock it which too me is the coolest thing ever! back to the point Pet Peeve is make up judgeeenesss not cool.

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!

Mario Badescu Skin care honestly one of the cleansers broke me out and a couple of the products just did not live up to the hype.. 


7. Concealer or Foundation for the rest of your life choose one and tell us why?

Concealer, I have fairly good skin I would totally rock with a bit of concealer and be good to go..

The Beautiful Blogs I will be nominating for this are; 

J.V.W Beauty 

Skin & all things Beautiful 

Lanalennox’s Blog

Think Love not Logic 

The Beauty Fanatic 



I would like to thank Cecilia for nominating me I am honored and the questions are a lot of fun and good luck to all the blogs entered. 

Beauty Blogger Award Post 


Peace Out

Kannelise x 



Grunge vibe :)






This is how the look turned out I used both a nude lip and a dark plum lip, I think the plum made the look a little more dark and grungy probably more night time and the nude more of a wearable day time look.

I had so much fun doing this make up today it was a lot of fun and I used mainly my usual products;

1. L’Oreal lumi magique base/primer
2. Chi Chi flawless and fabulous foundation in #2 fair
3. Mac prolong wear in NC 15
4. My Napoleon highlight powder from the contour kit
5. Chi Chi palette in Nudes
6. Urban decay naked 2 palette the colour pistol and busted
7. L’Oreal infallible in 006 all night blue
8. Nyx love in Paris 09 merci beau coup
9. Colossal lash mascara by maybelline
10. Chi Chi let me tempt you lipstick
For contour and blush I also used the Napoleon contour kit.

I really smoked out the lower lash line liner with some dark brown shadow, if your not comfortable with it I totally get it this was my first time doing it but I actually really liked it :) so I recommend giving it a go :)

Peace out beautiful people
Kannelise ✌️

Make Up of the day- Dark Lips

Hey lovelies, 

so I was feeling a little edgy/dark with my makeup today this is what happened…

 I ended up with soo many products out, totally normal when I am not sure what I am going for. I went with some dark colours from Chichi quad and the Nude palettes and also the Naked 2 palette I used the color Pistol.

I love the lipstick which is from chi chi though it does bleed a little so I would suggest applying it with a brush :) 

I am enjoying trying a few new things posts coming, also I have been using the Chi Chi flawless foundation as recommended by Shaaanxo, I have had this foundation for a while but I wasn’t using it and now I can not stop I am in the shade Light #2 it is amazing if you can try it!! 








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