Day In the life| Dentists

Hey guys,

I know the dentist are great people helping keep our teeth healthy

however I get so anxious at the dentist, I recently found a new dentist

she is incredible at her job and the girls there always do there best to make me

comfortable, no matter what I will still dislike the dentist.

I have been there more times than I care to admit.

other than the dentist I have been at work,

and also tying up all the loose ends before I graduate soon!!

I am looking so forward to my weeks off over Christmas.

well that is really all at the moment

Peace out



Halloween Time| Vampire

Im here with yet another halloween or dress up look
this time I have gone with the standard vampire
I was actually trying to do a 90’s grunge look and

well here we are..


I went with really simple kind of make up
as I said i was trying for 90’s

IMG_5827 IMG_5831

This is the mess that then followed
I am trying to look really creepy.. I did the blood with a cheap red face paint
I thought it was still a little too bright though so..

IMG_5841 IMG_5845

I went in and darkened everything up by adding in some of my lipstick colour
it came up a lot brighter in the pictures than it actually was :|


and we are done..

What did I use;

NYX palettes just a light and dark brown
( I took this under my eyes)

I used a Kohl eye pencil and black shadow to smudge

I used three different lipsticks to kind of get the lips:
Napoleon aphrodite

MAC Rebel & Rimmel Kate lipstick 09

NYX lip liner in plum

I didn’t contour because well I didn’t feel like It needed that.

I ended up putting a clear gloss over the lips to make them more juicy

I just went wild with the face paint and lipsticks to create the blood it was

a lot of fun, and then I snuck up the hall way and scared the crap out of my dad

BONUS!! haha

Peace Out xx


Halloween|Swamp Lady Monster

I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon so I thought I would play around.

All you will need;

purple sparkles or eyeshadows or face paint pens

Blue eyeshadow or face paint or glitter


green eyeshadows with face paint


I did a blue smokey eye



and then I just went crazy
I used the purple & blue face paint to make scales with the eyeshadow

I also added tinges of green to the “scales”

and then I went nuts with greens and blues and glitter on my face and it came out all crazy

but it looked kinda cool for halloween.

Peace Out <3

New Look

Hey I am back with a look today, I just got some inspiration
since Halloween is coming up, you can use this everyday too :)


Primed & Foundation


Eyes with out liner


Eyes with liner & first lip colour



Lip colour #2

I changed the lip colour to show that It does go with very different colours

I loved the darker lip it was personally my favourite.

<3Products Used;

1.Revlon Colour Stay Whipped in 150, 2.NYX bronzer in Medium

3.NYX PB 25 aka Pinched 4. MAC prolong wear NC 15

5. Maybelline Hyper Diamond Quad (green) 6. Revlon Colour Stay Quad in 570 (lucious pulpex)

7. Maybelline eye studio gel liner 8. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

9. NYX lip liner in Plum 10. NYX lip liner in Vanilla Sky

11. NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie 12. Chi Chi Lipstick in Centrefold

13. MAC lipstick in Rebel


Peace Out Guys xx

Sydney|Harbour Ferry

On our last full day in Sydney we decided to take the boat ride

we got the tickets with the bus tour.


Sydney Opera House

This was the first thing I just HAD to take a picture of from the water,
it just looked so magnificent.


Sydney Harbor Bridge

This also looked incredible from the water and we actually went under it
and could see the people who had just climbed it.


An old church

I  was in love with the old building flittered around Sydney.


The City Skyline.

it looked really cool from where we were.


Luna Park.

I was devastated I didn’t have enough time to go, next time though
I did get too see it from the water which was really cool, we actually saw it all lit up at night too
but there were way too many ships to get a good picture.


Luna Park <3


Pretty Island.


This is going under the Harbour Bridge.

also you can’t see it but there was a baby seal in the water.




Fort Denison.

people thought this was a prison but it actually wasn’t used for that
I didn’t get time to go onto it and have a proper look though I really wanted to.

Sydney was incredible, these are the last of the photos and the last post for my trip,
I could not have picked a better place to go on short notice I had the best time with some really great people
I indulged myself in my love of history as well, now it is back to reality.

Peace Out


Sydney|City Tour

We spent Friday on a hop on hop off tour bus around the city of Sydney

learning a heap of fun facts and seeing some beautiful sights.


Kev was our tour guide for the day.




St Andrews Cathedral

I saw this Cathedral from the plane and was dying to see it,

I am not religious but I am a sucker for these gorgeous buildings.



Monumental statues around the city.



Up close to the Opera House.


The Famous Coke Sign.





We found a gorgeous little Cafe tucked away in the same alley we had the

Amazing Italian food, this was the most amazing breakfast I have ever eaten.

The tour around the city was so totally amazing, we actually had the best time learning,

we laughed and looked in wonder and learnt things they never taught me in school.

I would seriously recommend doing one.

Peace Out xx

Sydney|Part Two|Kings Cross

We arrived in Sydney at around 8am so we basically had the whole day to explore.

but we walked 50ks instead and then caught up with friends.


Sydney city from the plane


This way a gorgeous little alley off Kings Cross

It has restaurants all down it.


We found this gorgeous Italian place, it was seriously adorable,

if you get a chance I would highly recommend visiting it. It’s located in Kings Cross.

IMG_5684 IMG_5683

Amazing and I mean AMAZING pizza that we ate, I could have eaten the whole menu.

IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5687

Kings Cross<3

we were staying right above the cross it was amazing, also the glowing sign in the last picture

I was told has been featured in fat pizza and houseos.

we explored mainly the cross for the first day and caught up with some friends.


This was the gorgeous View I woke up to to start my next day of exploring.

Peace Out xx

Sydney|Part One|Imats

I am back with a heap of photos and fun things to tell you all about my recent travels, beginning with the fact that I had an amazing break and Sydney was absolutely beautiful.

For those of my readers who didn’t know I went to Sydney for IMATS which I was so excited for I really thought it would be amazing and I have to say it was kind of a disappointment it was a room filled with maybe twelve stalls and girls lined up everywhere around the room, you had to fight your way into lines and wait ages to see even the products so to me it just wasn’t my scene. I did pick some things up from the lime crime booth though which was exciting and then the highlight was meeting Karissa (satnightsalrite) outside the venue and getting to have a chat with her and get a photo, honestly nicest girl so down to earth.


I got three LimeCrime nail polishes & one lipstick



Once in a Blue Mousse





Airborne Unicorn


Karissa :)


In the Social Eyes bag Karissa was giving away

so generous of her and her team <3


Candy Yum Yum



These are all the products I picked up whilst I was in Sydney and at Imats

I was a little disappointed with it, however now that I am home I

am ready to do some exciting things

xo Peace out xo


Things I learnt being a kid

I have just entered the “official” age of adulthood, cool right? well yes I am happy that I am now taken seriously as an adult on the issue of age however there are things from my childhood that I am reluctant to let go of on the basis I think they will help me continue to grow and mature without becoming condescending and “old”.

I never want to stop learning new things until the day I die because learning something new is fun an exciting however just as visiting something done before is comforting and reassuring in times of stress. I still watch cartoons I loved as a child and I still watch cartoons full stop, some I find I could not watch on a consistent basis whilst others I think I could watch more re runs of that friends these shows from so long ago are still reminding me as an adult of lessons I can apply in my everyday life, to treat people the way I want to be treated and to dream big and achieve bigger that every person has their worth and their path, children’s television if you can stand to watch it holds great hidden  messages.

to have fun I can not count on one hand the amounts of times I have been stuck in shitty weather or plans haven’t quite worked the way we wanted them too and yet we still had fun, we got over the fact that things didn’t go to plan and we found something else to do if you are with people you love and enjoy being with anything will be fun. this kind of translates into rolling with it.

I strongly believe in not dwelling on past things or regretting decisions or choices you’ve made because either way if it worked or not you got something out of it in the end;

personal story time; When I was 17 i moved out of home with a friend and my boyfriend who I had met online, it was going to be amazing no more nagging mother no more fights, I got to be an adult and I hadn’t even finished school, living off social security we managed to secure an apartment and bam we all moved in together I think the relationship lasted 2 months if that and by my 18th birthday I realised  when he walked out on me to run after my friend as he always had done that he wanted her and that was the only reason he stuck around, it was really kind of humiliating what he did especially at a time when your hitting a milestone. I took my family to the apartment and I took all my stuff moved out, rang him and yelled and then never spoke to him again. at 18 years old on my birthday I was shattered hurt and crying to my family because I had reached 18 and not done anything id wanted to achieve and I wasn’t going anywhere. 

the fact that I had reached that point in my life and felt completely wasted was a massive wake up call for me it took some asshole to show me that I had been to busy boozing it up and pretending everything was good instead of achieving the things id always wanted to and because of that shmuck I am the girl I am today that is achieving or striving too achieve the things I didn’t get too, I learnt a painful lesson about boys (not men) BOYS and about friendship as well though that story is for a different time. I take these experiences and I let them build my personality of coarse right after something painful like rejection or humiliation you are not going to see the lesson or the bright side or any positive outcome but whilst your undergoing your sadness and stages of coping your mind and personality are forming around those experiences and then years later when you are a supposed adult you will see the lesson and maybe even the funny side of the situation.

being a child or being childlike does not make you childish, and for those of you that have had similar situations that asshole was one of only the many you shall encounter growing up, they are all lessons and experiences and they will continue being that weather they come in gender specific roles, family members, government bodies or teachers that asshole is in your path to help you and you can chose how they do it.

I love remembering my childhood an sometimes its fun not to grow up, you can always use your childhood and memories to help you carve out your place in the present and future.

for now and hopefully always I am going to enjoy some childlike fun and wonders (aquarium)

Peace out xx

Who wants to change the world ?

I am asking a serious question of the blogging world today, I stumbled my little feet into work even though I had the day off because well I love my job and its stimulation.

I am now asking as human beings devoid of any defining characteristics such as religion, race, sexual preference, age or culture or country to answer  my question how many of you want to make a change in the world ?

how many of you are seen only by your defining category ?

how many of you are feeling isolated based on interpretations or media perception ?

So my lovely blogging community leave me a comment or flick me an email answering these questions and maybe your suggestions on how to approach these subjects.

Peace out