Things I learnt being a kid

I have just entered the “official” age of adulthood, cool right? well yes I am happy that I am now taken seriously as an adult on the issue of age however there are things from my childhood that I am reluctant to let go of on the basis I think they will help me continue to grow and mature without becoming condescending and “old”.

I never want to stop learning new things until the day I die because learning something new is fun an exciting however just as visiting something done before is comforting and reassuring in times of stress. I still watch cartoons I loved as a child and I still watch cartoons full stop, some I find I could not watch on a consistent basis whilst others I think I could watch more re runs of that friends these shows from so long ago are still reminding me as an adult of lessons I can apply in my everyday life, to treat people the way I want to be treated and to dream big and achieve bigger that every person has their worth and their path, children’s television if you can stand to watch it holds great hidden  messages.

to have fun I can not count on one hand the amounts of times I have been stuck in shitty weather or plans haven’t quite worked the way we wanted them too and yet we still had fun, we got over the fact that things didn’t go to plan and we found something else to do if you are with people you love and enjoy being with anything will be fun. this kind of translates into rolling with it.

I strongly believe in not dwelling on past things or regretting decisions or choices you’ve made because either way if it worked or not you got something out of it in the end;

personal story time; When I was 17 i moved out of home with a friend and my boyfriend who I had met online, it was going to be amazing no more nagging mother no more fights, I got to be an adult and I hadn’t even finished school, living off social security we managed to secure an apartment and bam we all moved in together I think the relationship lasted 2 months if that and by my 18th birthday I realised  when he walked out on me to run after my friend as he always had done that he wanted her and that was the only reason he stuck around, it was really kind of humiliating what he did especially at a time when your hitting a milestone. I took my family to the apartment and I took all my stuff moved out, rang him and yelled and then never spoke to him again. at 18 years old on my birthday I was shattered hurt and crying to my family because I had reached 18 and not done anything id wanted to achieve and I wasn’t going anywhere. 

the fact that I had reached that point in my life and felt completely wasted was a massive wake up call for me it took some asshole to show me that I had been to busy boozing it up and pretending everything was good instead of achieving the things id always wanted to and because of that shmuck I am the girl I am today that is achieving or striving too achieve the things I didn’t get too, I learnt a painful lesson about boys (not men) BOYS and about friendship as well though that story is for a different time. I take these experiences and I let them build my personality of coarse right after something painful like rejection or humiliation you are not going to see the lesson or the bright side or any positive outcome but whilst your undergoing your sadness and stages of coping your mind and personality are forming around those experiences and then years later when you are a supposed adult you will see the lesson and maybe even the funny side of the situation.

being a child or being childlike does not make you childish, and for those of you that have had similar situations that asshole was one of only the many you shall encounter growing up, they are all lessons and experiences and they will continue being that weather they come in gender specific roles, family members, government bodies or teachers that asshole is in your path to help you and you can chose how they do it.

I love remembering my childhood an sometimes its fun not to grow up, you can always use your childhood and memories to help you carve out your place in the present and future.

for now and hopefully always I am going to enjoy some childlike fun and wonders (aquarium)

Peace out xx

Who wants to change the world ?

I am asking a serious question of the blogging world today, I stumbled my little feet into work even though I had the day off because well I love my job and its stimulation.

I am now asking as human beings devoid of any defining characteristics such as religion, race, sexual preference, age or culture or country to answer  my question how many of you want to make a change in the world ?

how many of you are seen only by your defining category ?

how many of you are feeling isolated based on interpretations or media perception ?

So my lovely blogging community leave me a comment or flick me an email answering these questions and maybe your suggestions on how to approach these subjects.

Peace out


Quick Tips| Packing

I am leaving at 4am in the morning YAY….. so I thought I would share some of my top packing tips.

1. Make a list

I find if I list the things I need it makes it easier to cull items that are just taking up room, also your less likely to forget something.

2. Set a limit

I always need a limit on shoes that I take, on the amounts of outfits I really need and when I set one before I start it really helps to keep me in line.

3. Rolling Clothes

some people like it others don’t I just find this quick easy and space saving.


I am so bad at this step but I am slowly learning.

5. Pack outfits you can transition from day to night especially if you have to travel light.

6. Pack things appropriately

if your going to the snow don’t pack short shorts, its not going to be helpful, this also applies in the sense that know the places your going and a general idea of what you are going to be doing, if your not attending a wedding I don’t think you need that gown in there.

These are just a few quick tips.

Peace Out xx

Guest Post – Behind the Book “He Was Weird”

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:


What is your opinion on bullying? On school shootings? How do you react when you see someone who is “obviously not right in the head?” If you have any opinion at all on any of the three questions, then you should read my book, “He Was Weird.” Those questions have been going through my mind for many years and led me to write this book.

Nearly every time I read about a school shooting, (Dunblane, Scotland and Newton Connecticut being the exceptions), the first thought that pops into my head is, “This could have been me.” Statistics suggest that seventy five percent of school shooters were victims of bullying and had I carried out a school shooting, I would have been included in that group. For three years, from the October I was in fifth grade until the same month of eighth grade, I lived in a town were I…

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Respect| RTB #1

Hey there,

if you are reading this something caught your attention I titled this respect because everyday I am finding respect for new things, people, places and thoughts. Today Respect became a very prominent thing and I wanted to write something since I haven’t posted lately.

I don’t believe I have actually told you as my wonderful readers what I actually do with my life, as well as this blog and my countless amounts of social media I am a community worker- volunteer actually as well as a student  [click the link to see what i study] I have worked in this sector for close to 2.5 years at the same place and I can not begin to describe the amounts of things I have learnt from co-workers, managers and clients as well as social media, family and my school it is incredible however that isn’t what this post is for. I am writing this because I have noticed more and more people following my blog and that is amazing I really appreciate people reading what I post and I was talking to my boss today about my future and where I want to go and she told me that even though I am only just beginning my university degree and study that I should also make a name for myself sending letters to MP’s and editorials regarding the issues I find in the community and what I think needs addressing to make a name for myself to be known and I realised that I have began to do that with this blog and where I go with this I have a small name for myself and this will be an accessible source for people to understand my personality and my view of the world, which is really shocking to me considering not many of the people I actually know in my inner circle have any clue about this blog. I wanted to write about this particular instance because as of today I noticed that I have a diverse range of people following my blog from lifestyle & beauty to political blogs which is crazy and yet as I went through them and checked out all these other amazing talented people that I didn’t yet follow and also the people I already follow I realised I have a lot of respect for this community as much as my physical community and my social community they are all on an equal level of importance to me.

I know this post is kind of all over the place what is new I do write a lot of my opinionated posts when the thought or urge strikes. I recently was enjoying a youtube video and I saw people arguing in the comments over cultural appropriation and respect for cultural aspects and I realised that whilst they were defending the rights and meaningfulness of one culture they were completely dismissing another and disregarding it’s importance or role in the video and I was kind of annoyed by this which is silly because well its not my video however I do believe in respecting all cultures and religions and all people on a whole, I don’t dislike any race,religion or culture (other defining factors do not bother me either) my biggest philosophy in life is that we are who we are and we do what we do at the end of the day the stuff we use to categorise people is not who they are it does not define there every action,word or stance in life and nor should it. Humans on a whole would function a lot better in my opinion if we looked at culture, religion or race as an indifferent thing that is there for each individual to enjoy and take a part of or learn not as a tool or mechanism to judge, excuse or dismiss someones actions as an actual person. I look at it like this those people that have performed terrorist attacks didn’t do it on behalf of a god or greater being, they did it based on their extreme interpretation of something, they did it because they chose to because something inside there head told them too ( i am not saying they were right, it is very wrong) however a religion or race should not be condemned or hated because of a group of peoples actions not just that but also based on media depiction I hear people following the media like gospel, these corporations are a business they need to make money they will sell you a story anyway they can to try beat their competitors this doesn’t always mean they show you the whole story or the whole facts, though media is a helpful thing it is also has a negative impact on our views.

I live in Australia as I think I have mentioned before and so many times through out my course I have been asked to identify my culture or my idea of what being an Australian is and it wasn’t until recently that I finally decided on my answer and my opinion (I have always just glided over it with a vague responses) I have decided that to me personally being an Australian is someone that was brought up in a country built upon by different cultures being brought together to make a country thrive, to me being Australian is having the ability to enjoy different cultures of the world and having a history dark or not that revolves around and includes many different cultures & I am proud of that, not to say because I know this will come about that I am proud of some of the decisions that went into making the country I live in today but I am proud to live in this country with different cultures around me and too me if you embrace and have a similar loving concept then we should be friends :). I think respect is something that is sometimes lost or forgotten in this technological era and that saddens me because even though I don’t personally know all the people I am constantly reading from I respect their posts and their views and the different places they come from and more than that I respect blogging on a whole for giving people of the world a platform to come together on to voice opinions and thoughts and to help build each other up.

I love and respect all of you and thank you so much for following along and reading my life and my hobbies this blog is just a virtual extended part of me that I am super happy to share :)

Peace Out xx

P.s the RTB means random topic blog :)

21st Birthday

It was an interesting point in my life turning 21 not because of the age as such but because this birthday has been the best in close to 6 years that I have had, I was surrounded by people I love and love to be around and people that genuinely love and support me which was a great relief and just amazing.

My day started with a coffee thank you Zaraffas :)

My day started with a coffee thank you Zaraffas :)

IMG_5537 IMG_5540 IMG_5543 IMG_5546

This was my morning spent at work with two of the most wonderful women I have ever known,

they are truly my inspiration in life & the gifts and joy they bought me were totally appreciated.

IMG_5545 IMG_5541 IMG_5547

as much as i loved the gifts it really was about the people I spent my time with and as cheesy as that sounds

I am sticking  to it :P so enjoy the photos I will catch you soon

Peace out x


Spring Bucket List

I enjoy looking into things to come especially leading up to holiday seasons finding things to do with the kids and my family and friends is top priority, so I like to make a list of things I want to do each season and here they are; 

1. Try a new cafe or tea house 

2. Spend a day exploring the beach 

3. take a craft lesson 

4. Bake A Pie 

5. A day or weekend long road trip 

 These are my five bucket list items for the next few months of spring, look forward to posts centered around the adventures I get up to.

what are your plans for this season ?

Peace out x 



Hard Hitting| Domestic Violence.

Judge the heading if you want too it is really irrelevant to me I am constantly inspired by many of the bloggers I follow here on WordPress as well as many of the people I am surrounding by on a constant basis in my job and life. I have seen so many posts and trends on social media regarding Ray Rice and his abuse of his wife that has come to light recently and her responding statements to the public regarding the incident. 

I have no read the article I do not really see that I should and I know people are going to assume that because I haven’t read the article I can not have an opinion well I don’t care what you think I should have an opinion on so please read elsewhere, I do not need a media spun and tragic incident to influence or alert me to the destroying and damaging effects of domestic violence. I am someone that is close to this subject it is an occurring thing in society and if you really only have something to say or want to do something about it because of the media and another famous disappointment ? then to me your opinion in invalid this is a real every day thing for some people it is also not a widely understood but for all the media and press on this particular story and the fact that Ray Rice has also lost his job will only be making the abuse and his wife’s position so much worse her statement if you read some what between the lines it is a plea for it to stop because she will only end up in a worse situation, the victims are the ones that pay for anyone speaking out which is why I chose the image I have as a feature image. 

people are kept quiet by domestic violence in so many ways the victims don’t want it to get worse, they don’t want anything to happen and a lot of the time they think it is there fault that the abuse is occurring. why doesn’t a friend say something or relatives? because you know if you say something it will only be your friend or relative that pays for your choice how is that fair ? so abusers in turn tend to keep everyone silent.  

Abuse in any circumstance or relationship is wrong it is illegal and it is generally not your fault ( i say generally because i have heard of maybe one case that was a little obscure and not something i can share in which both parties were at fault and violent) if you know of someone in a domestic violent situation my heart goes out to you because it isn’t easy to choose what to do. To those of you that only care because it was televised this is a real thing and it happens on a constant basis and almost anywhere there is no stereo typical  abuser they just are who they are. 

if you live in australia (qld) and stumble upon this post or you know someone that may need this the number for an organisation known as DV connect is 1800 811 811 give them a call and have a chat. 

Peace Out x 

Talk Time| Tattoos,Employment,Culture & more

I have a couple of things I want to talk about today so I thought why not put them into a post while your nails dry, 

The first thing on my mind today is the fact that it is the norm in today’s society that families are dysfunctional aunty jane doesn’t speak to uncle bob because when I was two he broke a beer bottle on her floor… Is it really now that common to have families that barely even speak to each other ? are your friends more your family than your actual family because I know that I have a select few members of my family that I still keep in regular contact with and the rest well aunty jane could have moved to Madagascar for all I would know. I think this could partially be the reason behind the decline in manners and general lack of respect amongst the younger generations and in general really, I am not saying that it is the primary cause or due justification but possibly a contributing factor to the decline of human decency in our current world. 

The second is also regarding human behaviour shocker there right? not at all. I was recently discussing ageing with a co-worker and how these stereotypes/categories we use to describe people have become generalisations of groups of people which in turn possibly lead to things like gender and age discrimination, My friend is of mature age and just recently got her first ever tattoo which is amazing she has spoken about wanting one and has enjoyed them for a large portion of the time I have known her, she was telling me that she was coping a lot of slack from people telling her she was too old to get a tattoo and at her age why would she do such a thing, which lead us to talking about what actually defines a persons age and I came to the conclusion that you are old when you no longer what to grow or understand the world, when you believe you know everything there is too know about life or when you are basically just so stuck in “your ways” and “your time” that you are no longer even living.. I also decided it constituted people who act like the world as a whole hates them and that there life purpose was to be shit on by every living thing including nature.. 

You should never be too old for anything I mean as you get older there are health risks involved with certain things and that can cause limitations but does that really mean you reduce yourself to no longer living or finding activities to enjoy and props out there to the people who rock themselves at any age, do you and love it!!! 

on the subject of tattoos something really irritated me today and that is people who will blatantly tell me they would not employ someone if they saw they had a tattoo, that they would find an excuse or other reason that this person is not competent for the role.. really ? okay so I am generally a believer of you have your opinion I will have mine but I am curious how many people that read this will let me know there stance, if you had any kind of business would you turn a really great worker down because they had a tattoo ( don’t get me wrong I don’t mean full face covered tattoos) I mean just general they have artwork on there body in some place, also I want to know if that should really affect your judgement on how well they could perform a job?? 

My honest opinion is if someone could do the job I needed them to do and do it well then I couldn’t give a damn if they were single, married, homosexual, religious I couldn’t care what colour or ethnicity they were nor would I give two flying fucks if they sported a tattoo, if you could do the job and do it damn well then you would be a credit to my organisation, and my personal stance on physical appearance matters would not stand point, the only reason I would not hire someone on a physical aspect or other such thing would be on the grounds of health and safety regulations. 

so if you agree disagree or have any answers for my curious questions let me know :) 

p.s Tomorrow i shall be legal to drink in america if i so choose, which will be awesome when I finally make it over there.. 

Peace out 


It Strikes Again| artistic impulse

I enjoy being a creative person most of the time however, my only personal pitfall is that when a creative urge strikes I must follow through. Even If that means I do not finish my show/movie or any other activity I was doing pre- creative attack which can get pretty annoying when I am supposed to be finishing a report for school or other important task. I also have this trait where I like to have spasmodic attempts at different media’s like photography, writing, drawing, painting so on so forth. I know neither of these are serious problems but it can lead to a less than organised state of mind and office. I was overcome with this urge last night and therefor began drawing for a good two or three hours and then did two paintings on of which I could not find this morning and now at midday I am happily going to thrust all my creations on you guys, so enjoy and let me know if you have a cure for my lack of mental control.. 

IMG_5497 IMG_5498 IMG_5500


I hope you guys enjoy and I shall upload more of my creations as the urge strikes again, follow me on instagram if you want to see other drawings or my minute level of artistic talent. 

Peace out x