I wanted to say thank you to all the new people following my blog and to the people who have been following me for a while it is always nice to see faces popping up. This blog is a place I feel I can go to no matter what mood I am in and just let myself out in ways I can not in my everyday life.

interactive or not I appreciate the people that do read my stuff and the people who follow my social media accounts. I tried to daily blog through December but I am sure you have heard this all over the internet things got a little difficult for me recently and I have been coming to terms with that for some reason I didn’t feel like blogging and yet today when i am probably at my worst here I am writing a post.

I get fairly personal on here as I am a relatively open person and recently I have been having trouble with family issues and since its the month of December I seem to be feeling rather worse about these issues, I mean Christmas is about family after all. lets start at the divorce very clique right ? my parents divorced when i was 13  I am now 21 Its been a long time but my dad went away and didn’t really have all that much to do with us for several years while he worked and enjoyed time with his partner and living a free life, he has now come back and decided that he wants to be a part of our life that he made a mistake and his children are important and the most important thing and I am struggling to match his words with his actions such as going away every couple of days to one of his lady friends because he can not deal with the children they are stressing him out, being very pre occupied with his phone and talking to people online and looking at sites online with mature content which all show me he is still lacking in his personal life thus contradicting the previous statement that his kids are everything and all he needs.

I am also having trouble with letting go I have been working for years with my mother to raise and provide for my sisters and all of a sudden he comes back and expects that I just stand down and go back to being a child ? this really boggles me when he isn’t coping with the children.

I have discovered i suffer with anxiety which has kept me from posting a lot lately just trying to juggle a bit of stuff and he then instigates fights and problems with me and proceeds to then tell me when i explain that I am going to get counselling that and i quote ” you may be in personal counselling but not with your mother and me so they really get a one sided story, I fail to see how that can be beneficial” now this really got me because for someone to have worked through their issues that they had prior to the divorce then you would know counselling is nothing like that and you can not work through group issues if people are holding onto personal issues ??

I know this is just a massive rant really and a bunch of child like whining but writing things out really makes situations clearer for me. Do any of you suffer from some kind of mental illness or just negative thoughts how do you deal with them ? do any of you have parents like this please tell me I am not the only one.

through out all of this though my work have been such a massive help support and pillar of strength and growth for me that I could never repay to the beautiful people here!!

if you need some time to whinge just leave me a comment.

Peace Out & Much Love


I want to be prime minister

Hey guys,

A lot of you may have already heard that here in Aus there has just been a situation that apparently warranted non stop media attention, it has also over flowed social media platforms and every body seems to have their opinions on the matter. I have watched this turn into its own cyber storm over the last day or so and divided opinions are being voiced and debated. Out of this has even come the trending hash tag #illridewithyou which is about keeping every day life safe for innocent individuals that may be targeted due to religious attire. I personally believe this trend may have been sparked to try and prevent another situation such as the Cronulla Riots I have linked to wikipedia for reference if you are unsure what happened there.

I am generally proud to live in Australia and I am Australian you know how I know that? because my passport and birth certificate say so, I don’t define being Australian as using the words cunt or fuck in every sentence, drinking a beer or throwing prawns on a bbq (I don’t believe I have ever cooked my prawns this way) being australian is having the freedom to enjoy many cultures. I think it is important to remember that even though our passports or birth certificates say Australia we each came from immigrants to this country our ancestors came from many different countries to inhabit this one we were the immigrants a long time ago that invaded the culture already here.

as to the title of this post, I have not studied politics and I am most likely no way your run of the mill candidate nor would I keep politics the way they are, I like the idea of democracy that the people get a vote and a say and I wouldn’t want to take that away from them what I would like to take away is the massive salary packages politicians are on that are just beyond ridiculous, I understand we need the poor and the rich thing but there wages are beyond a joke a comfortable salary that is similar maybe to that of a professional such as a lawyer or psychologist could better suffice them and bring some of them back down to earth, I would also like to bring back some form of control instead of this each prime minister is controlled by the party and can be booted, I think the public and the country should be able to see and understand the financial strain or debt the country is in I think that it should all be laid out so Australians can clearly see what is going on, they should be able to vote on what issues they think rank as importance. I think politicians should go through drug testing and screening before being allowed to play with the lives of a whole country and we should all be aware that things need to change.

What happened in Sydney should be a massive slap in the face and a wake up call that things are getting out of control and changes need to be made people need to be held accountable for their actions and criminals much like the gentlemen who has instigated this whole saga should not be allowed to freely mix in the community for the safety of the innocent and general public. This is a huge embarrassment that our legislation for a man of his criminal history to be roaming around freely anyway.

all in all I wish i could be prime minister but at some point don’t we all ? have all these great ideas on how we could fix the problems and better our country I think it should be something we can all be involved in and who knows maybe just maybe one day I might take up those politics classes and try join that rat race to get some of my idea’s out there..

R.I.P and condolences to the families who lost people in the Sydney Siege may those people rest in peace and be looking over their loved ones.

also if any of you have issues you rank as important in your country or solutions you think would work please leave me a comment we can make our own list of ways to help our countries survive :)

Peace out


Blogmas #6 | Girl Online

Some of you may have heard of the fastest selling book of 2014 and some of you may not. Girl Online was a book written by Youtuber Zoe Sugg or more commonly known as Zoella. I was excited to see the book come out and also how supportive her fans and people were in buying it and reading it, and then I gave in and got the download on audible and decided to check out Girl Online.

I was skeptical about the book because there was so much hype and people were getting really excited to support Zoe which is beautiful but in turn may not have given her honest reviews about the book so I didn’t bother reading any. I also have my own distinct taste in the books I like, so if a book doesn’t fall into that category it means I won’t pick it straight up to read. I got Girl Online in audio book simply because I am so busy that it would be impossible for me to sit down and read the hard cover. I listened to this book twice before deciding I was going to write anything about it just so that I could make sure I gave it my honest non hyped up review possible.

The storyline of Penny is really quite clever although it may seem a little clique, I think the way it straight up addresses the anxiety and panic attacks is what sets it apart from other budding novels or writers. The other issues that the book combats like the internet, press, school, bullying and mental illness are combined really well it is a standout in comforting those who may be experiencing such things in any kind of environment. I do think the target audience may have been younger than myself just with the style of the book however that didn’t take away from my experience.

I think it is well written and a steady storyline that could be adapted for another installation. There were rumours that the book was ghost written which once reading I believe to be a load of “freedom of opinion” speech. I have admitted I do watch Zoella on youtube and by doing so can see easily in the words and pages of her book the heart and ideas that she has put into it, just the wording of some things quotes and tips she has already given on her youtube channel have gone into it, although the characters are not just alias names for her friends in real life and it is just a story I couldn’t help but notice the parts of real life that Zoe incorporated in her book. In summary to those who think this book is ghost written I suggest you take another look at the book. This isn’t saying Zoe didn’t have any help writing of coarse she did it is a common occurrence to have people helping others write, it is not a crime or a sin and sorry to burst your bubble but some of your favourite writers have done it too.

with all of that out of the way I am happy to say that I didn’t just enjoy Girl Online once but twice and I appreciate the style of writing and the plot as well as the fact that it may not be for everyone. I am really glad that I get to read something that was someones dream to one day do and will be sitting with anticipation for the next novel of Zoe’s.

Have you read any really good books lately ?

Peace Out xx

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Blogmas #5 | work party etiquette

hey guys,

so I recently attended my end of year/christmas work dinner, as you may know I am actually a volunteer not an employee however we still get invited as a thank you for the hours we put in, which in itself is beautiful and generous. I love attending work functions and getting the chance to socialise with collegues I don’t see on a constant basis.

I will never forget the first christmas dinner I went to for work (it was my first function) and my mum and relatives sitting me down to explain to me that you should set a good impression and behave well and I was so overwhelmed with advice and “rules” that it made me so anxious about the evening. So this post is more or less the break down of advice I was given to help any first time work party goers.

  1. Do not get drunk.
    I think this is a super important thing to remember, I am not saying don’t have a drink but remember this is a work function and you will have to face these people everyday for the next 365, even though my work place is pretty relaxed I still abide by this when it comes to any function thrown by them, you get to keep yourself in control and come out looking respectable which will leave a better impression on your boss than your latest cover of Taylor Swifts Christmas songs.
  2.  Be polite and appreciative
    these functions are optional and if you do choose to attend then you should be polite even to the mail room guy you can never remember the name of, being polite and kind to everyone will leave a good office impression and if you do have trouble with a particular person then be civil and socialise with everyone else.
  3. Do not be on your phone
    this may seem so obvious and yet not at the same time, I work with people in a range of age groups and whilst I am one of the youngest staff (the youngest that attends the dinner) I still find a way to socialise with everyone and would not consider checking or sitting on my phone, it is perfectly fine to pull out for photos if you don’t have a camera but don’t be texting your mates to meet up after the function not whilst it is still going on.
  4. Dress appropriately
    I don’t really have a dress code for my Christmas dinners, but we do go to quite a nice restaurant so I opt for a long evening dress and make sure to dress it down with some accessories, My only don’t would be not to wear something super revealing that would go down well in the clubs because it won’t go over so well with the office.

this is the advice that was given to me when I was attending my first function and its what I have stuck too ever since as a simple guideline, It will adapt with my choice of career and environment I am sure, but I hope it helps out someone..

What is your top tip for work dos or even do nots leave some in the comments.

Peace Out


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Blogmas catch up

hey everyone,

I know I am bad and haven’t kept up with my blogmas but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I have been having a couple of down days where I haven’t been feeling very well and also just feeling a bit down so I didn’t want to jump on here and spread my un christmassy misery. I am feeling a lot better today though and thought I would just do a bit of a catch up on everything.

In my last post I told you all I was heading to my work christmas dinner which I did and it was basically a girls night because none of our male colleagues could make it, I don’t have any of the pics from the night but I am hoping to get my hands on some I wore an old dress I had that doesn’t really get much use its all green and very christmas appropriate. We ate at a buffet and the food was amazing it was truly a really good night out.

the day after the dinner I went with my mum shopping to pay of some of our lay-bys and also pick up a new phone, I now have the iPhone 6 which is the first NEW phone i have had in 4-5 years so that was pretty cool and kind of an early christmas present to myself since my old one was dying :( i won’t go into a full review because well you can find them everywhere but I honestly really am enjoying it.

Mum and I have been cooking up some cool christmas D.I.Y projects which I will feature on here in the next couple of weeks as well as some awesome recipes since I have been cooking a whole bunch this festive season. Today I went to the dentist which as some of you will know is one of my biggest fears and today wasn’t much better I got so anxious i was shaking and couldn’t breathe properly, lucky for me my dentist is aware of this and she was very calming and gave me time to calm myself and then half way through the tables kind of turned as a massive lot of thunder hit from an oncoming storm which left me super calm and everyone else a little nervouse.

i love storms does anyone else find them super relaxing let me know?

now I’m off to cook some dinner and enjoy this beautiful weather and hope my power doesn’t go out.

peace out


A Little Cheeky Gift DIY| Blogmas 3

So  this is a DIY gift for your boyfriend, I always try and buy him something but he is one of the hardest people to buy for..

this year I have resorted to DIY and as I am pintrest obsessed I found cute little  coupons that could be naughty or nice.

What You’ll Need;





I typed some of them on the computer and added cute pictures of different super heroes and villains
then I did hand drawn and coloured ones, The hardest part was thinking of ideas to put on them.

I did back massage
Dinner of his choice
Paintball date

this is just such a simple yet fun idea.

I put mine in a little jar that looks like a bauble :) and ill put some ribbon and a tag around it and its ready for under the tree :)

if you have a special man that doesn’t have any idea what he wants this could be a fun thing to do.

Peace Out


Blogmas 2

Twinkly Lights| Blogmas #2

We did our lights yesterday/last night. It takes a lot of work but becomes totally worth it when all the kids are filled with joy and your filled with christmas spirit.

IMG_6100 IMG_6101

the picture on the right says HO HO HO which didn’t come up in these not great quality pictures..

IMG_6104  IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6108

I can not show you all the lights at once because they span the whole house, but it is like one big ball of bright light.

Once it was all up which in total takes us a day and a half, the kids loved it and we put them on every second night for a few hours so the kids around the neighbourhood can have a look :)

Thats all for this post if you do christmas lights I would love to see them.

Peace out xx

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