Q & A

I am back with another Q&A
this one is a little different you will see why..

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Would you rather go to a cinema or theatre?
THEATRE because I’ve never been.

Would you rather go to a comedy club or a night club 
Comedy I don’t really like night clubs.

If money was no object what would you do all day?
I would do this blog, I would organise charity events and I would also do a lot of work with homelessness.

What is your biggest success until now?
my biggest success is getting my diploma.

 Do you prefer Batman or Superman?
Batman for ever,

True blood or Vampire diaries?
I watched 2 seasons of true blood before I just couldn’t watch any more,
I have just started Vampire dairies and adore it so we shall see.

Favourite Villain?

HARLEY QUINN is my favourite character ever.

Your opinion on new 52 Harley?
honestly I don’t mind she looks cute.

favourite transformer?
Bumble bee

Clerks 1 or 2?
so this is hard but I LOVE clerks 2 that shit makes my life.

comics or manga?
this was the hardest question, I love Manga and I read more of it,
however I would be devo If I couldn’t read Harley Quinn.

who is your favourite big bang character?
Sheldon for sure.

Favourite star wars character?
YODA. there is no question.

COD black ops or modern warfare?
to be honest I haven’t played modern war fare so Id say COD black ops 1

Favourite Chelsea player (soccer)?
Andre Schurrle

Favourite Disney Actress?
this was hard however I have to go Demi Lovato

Hannah Montana Vs Wizards of Waverley Place?
wizards of Waverley place, My sisters still watch it so do I.

that is it for another Question Answers blog. These questions were a little different more on the “nerdy” side.

I love comics and manga’s all those kinds of things, if you have any questions you would want me to answer or chat about hit me up on social media..



Peace Out xx


Make Up Look- Lucy Hale

Hello lovelies,

I am here with an inspired make up look.

I am in love with Lucy Hales look its just gorgeous!!

so I tried to re create it with only my travel make up…


I am aspiring to create the look with just these.


I placed concealer on first since in this picture Lucy is so flawless but doesn’t have a clear highlight.
I only put concealer under my eyes and around my nose as those places tend to be red or dark.

I then went in with Nars sheer glow in santa-fe foundation


I didn’t add bronzer or blush.

For the eyes I used NYX palette in Parisian Chic a combination of the darker colours.

The liner was difficult because I brought liquid liner and I am not super skilled with it
the liner took the longest but I think it came out good.

On my lips I used;

NYX liner in grapefruit
MAC candy Yum Yum

for eyelashes I used my Maybeline colossal volume express

IMG_6013[1] IMG_6012[1]

I am obviously not the same complexion as Lucy
but I really loved creating the look and it would be cool with different lip colours
awesome for an event or even clubbing.

Peace Out


Fly Time- follow me

so I spent all day yesterday on planes and several forms of transport.

it wasn’t too bad.


This yummy smoothie made it better
its called the Extreme Delight
I want to try re create it.


6.00 am flight to Sydney

Sydney as we are coming in.

I was only in Sydney airport for 10 minutes.


LANDED in perth.
4.5 hours later
I watched Blended, devil wears prada & three episodes of modern family.

I then caught a bus & train for another hour
I got home and watched foxtel and slept,

I now have a massive tooth ache and am hoping to get it out tomorrow,
I will let you know how that goes on social media

Follow Me;


Peace Out


Summer Caesar

I love summer salads

and I really love a good chicken salad,

I only call this a caesar salad because well I use caesar dressing.


Lettuce or greens





three pieces of bread




I took the chicken and put it in a frying pan with coconut oil, I then put the lettuce and greens into a bowl

then I cut up the tomatoes into quarters & the capsicum into little chunks, then the onions then I put the bread

in the oven to crisp it and then cut that into chunks, I found some beetroot and cut it into quarters to add in,  I then went back to the chicken and cut it into larger chunks

and added it to the salad finishing it off by adding cheese and the home made crutons tossed it all together

added some caesar dressing and done.

Its not traditional caesar and I know i left out the bacon but I just liked this salad and so did the little kiddies.

I also had cous cous that came from a packet which was seriously yum.

Salads are my favourite for summer because its hot and muggy and they are super quick and refreshing so expect

a lot more summer salad posts

Peace out



Candle Party- SWS

Hello Lovelies,

so two weeks ago I went to a candle party for candles made from soy ingredients which means nothing nasty,

the company owner, Kelly explained the candles the limitations of the wax in our climate and also how she makes them

there was a heavenly range of scents.

Scents with Soy

is the name of the business and you can check out her Facebook page which will be linked on my Facebook page at the bottom.

The reason I am writing about it two weeks past the event is because my candles

arrived yesterday, I have to tell you I was so excited :)

I myself only ordered one thing because I am meant to be decluttering my space..

I couldn’t go past the cute jar he was in or this divine scent.


I am in love with him

(the colour quality of the pic is shit)

IMG_5963 IMG_5964

I got my candle in Birds of paradise, I am not going to explain the scent

because there are no words it just smells edible!

I really like these candles, I haven’t burnt mine yet but

my mother and our neighbours have given theres a go and they are amazing

the smell lingers through the whole house and its potent but not sickly.

these candles are defiantly worth a try.

if you don’t live in Australia you won’t be able to get these specific ones,

however they are popular and plenty of people do make these types of products so if you

have a fish around I don’t doubt you’ll find some and when you do let me know what they’re like :)

I will defiantly be investing in some more soy candles.

Peace out lovelies


p.s if you don’t already head over to the blog Facebook page for cool updates.


Juice Me

It’s summer time almost it feels like it is so I thought why not try some juices on these hot days just as effective as ice cream and they are healthier :) so I made a strawberry and watermelon juice garnished with mint.

I took around 10 strawberries chopped them up and put them in my blender, I then took one peice of watermelon cut it Into chunks (cutting the skin off) and then I added ice and cold water.

I added a mint leaf and drank away it was really yummy!


Me me me

I am currently cramming for the next two weeks on my assignments which is painful too no end and as much as it isn’t a valid excuse it is mine as to why there are beyond minimal posts from me!! Bad kahlia however I have also been jotting down some posts I want to do in the coming months.
I will be attempting blogmas (like youtubes blogmas but posts) everyday of December I will have a new post, it may be festive and Christmas related or it may just be what I did that day however I will be attempting to post every day of December up till Christmas Day, exciting right? I think so. I am doing this because November and December are two of the busiest and most exciting times of my year and I want to share them with anyone that reads.

I am not promising that I’ll be back to regular posting for another two weeks but after then we should see me pumping posts out.

Until then peace out xx


Day In the life| Dentists

Hey guys,

I know the dentist are great people helping keep our teeth healthy

however I get so anxious at the dentist, I recently found a new dentist

she is incredible at her job and the girls there always do there best to make me

comfortable, no matter what I will still dislike the dentist.

I have been there more times than I care to admit.

other than the dentist I have been at work,

and also tying up all the loose ends before I graduate soon!!

I am looking so forward to my weeks off over Christmas.

well that is really all at the moment

Peace out



Halloween Time| Vampire

Im here with yet another halloween or dress up look
this time I have gone with the standard vampire
I was actually trying to do a 90′s grunge look and

well here we are..


I went with really simple kind of make up
as I said i was trying for 90′s

IMG_5827 IMG_5831

This is the mess that then followed
I am trying to look really creepy.. I did the blood with a cheap red face paint
I thought it was still a little too bright though so..

IMG_5841 IMG_5845

I went in and darkened everything up by adding in some of my lipstick colour
it came up a lot brighter in the pictures than it actually was :|


and we are done..

What did I use;

NYX palettes just a light and dark brown
( I took this under my eyes)

I used a Kohl eye pencil and black shadow to smudge

I used three different lipsticks to kind of get the lips:
Napoleon aphrodite

MAC Rebel & Rimmel Kate lipstick 09

NYX lip liner in plum

I didn’t contour because well I didn’t feel like It needed that.

I ended up putting a clear gloss over the lips to make them more juicy

I just went wild with the face paint and lipsticks to create the blood it was

a lot of fun, and then I snuck up the hall way and scared the crap out of my dad

BONUS!! haha

Peace Out xx


Halloween|Swamp Lady Monster

I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon so I thought I would play around.

All you will need;

purple sparkles or eyeshadows or face paint pens

Blue eyeshadow or face paint or glitter


green eyeshadows with face paint


I did a blue smokey eye



and then I just went crazy
I used the purple & blue face paint to make scales with the eyeshadow

I also added tinges of green to the “scales”

and then I went nuts with greens and blues and glitter on my face and it came out all crazy

but it looked kinda cool for halloween.

Peace Out <3