Lime Crime Lust

A beauty post really ? yes yes it is I have finally decided on a beauty post that I want to do :) I adore the lime crime cosmetic collection the colors the names and the look is just perfectly quirky so why not do my lime crime wish list ?

I will be purchasing some of these products soon thank goodness I am excited. Lets get into it.




 [picture from;] 

Airborne Unicorn do I need to say more ? this is top priority for my collection 


2. dlilac-lipstick



yes I am obsessed with purple and this is just perfection 


3. centrifuchsia-lipstick


This is actually my favourite pink toned colour I have no idea why 


4. minttobe-lipstick


It’s just Mint To Be ;) 


5. poisonberry-lipstick






I have plans for this lipstick 

7. nsd-lipstick

no she didn’t 

well yes yes I did


these are the lipsticks that I am dying to add to my collection, I love the colours and the packaging and everything about them so I will be very excited when i get them all :) 

Peace out lovelies 


Beat Down

Hey beautiful people, 

I love music I mean I think everyone loves music, correct me if I’m wrong. Music is something that connects cultures and people no matter the barriers well thats at least what I think so I thought why not give you my beat down ;P 

I have a playlist or bunch of songs for everything In this post however I am going to give you my morning playlist which is actually titled make up because I’m generally listening to it while doing my make up and getting ready of a morning. 

1. Happy little Pill- Troye Sivan 

2.  Geronimo- Sheppard 

3. Pop Bottles-Birdman 

4. Lego House- Ed Sheeran 

5. Young Forever- Jay Z version 

6. Run this town- Jay Z 

7. Classic- MKTO

8. Ride wit Me- Nelly 

9. Dilemma-Nelly 

10. Promiscuous- Nelly Furtado 

11. Get Busy- Sean Paul 

12. Thank You- MKTO 

13. Live it up- 360 ft Pez 

these are the songs I like to listen to while I’m getting ready and If I am not listening to them then I am on spotify or pandora listening to random tracks. 

what is your favourite song lately ? let me know down below 

Peace out x

Shake Shake that Smoothie

Hey Lovelies, 

I thought I would come at you with a recipe today since I do like to cook and make things.. I love smoothies and I love finding new fun smoothie recipes so I figured I would share mine with all you people :) 





4 strawberries :) 



A handful of berries && 3 chunks of Mango


1 whole banana


If I am feeling super healthy I add in some spinach or Kale 

(2 or 3 leaves) 



some coconut cream Jokes I normally use coconut milk but I did not have any so I took a picture of coconut cream. You can obviously use any milk or yoghurt you like I just prefer coconut milk as its not dairy and it also adds a hint of a coconut flavour to my smoothies. 

I put all my ingredients in my blender (bullet) and I blend until it is a nice consistency and then I’m done. 


chia seeds 


probiotic powder 

I use these things sometimes, not all the time so of coarse you don’t have to put them in there.. 

If you have any cool smoothie recipes or fruits and veggies you think I could add to this one leave them in the comments and I will let you know If i try it, leave a comment if you just want to chat or even hate on my smoothie recipe because thats what I’m here for :P 


Peace out x 


What’s Up Guys!


Happy Friday!!! 

I wanted too do a little life update, rant about me and about the blog and all sorts of shit thats going on. So if you didn’t already know I am currently discussing changing and upgrading the blog for bigger and more random shit because why not ?? 

well actually I will be bringing in a heap of new post Ideas and a posting schedule so you know when I’ll be posting and stuff :) The vibe of this space will be changing a little bit with the kinds of content I will be posting only because I want to branch out with more of my interests and take you lovely people with me. 

I am also in the process of possibly trying to write some form of a book that is completely fictional but should be pretty freaking awesome so I may document my progress to give me a heap of motivation :) so keep a look out and if you want to check out my actual writing at Wattpad 

I will still be doing beauty posts and other D.I.Y’s craft and when I randomly take up drawing again I will also post about that; there will be like a heap of posts coming from Sydney and my travels as well as a photo shoot that will be happening soon, think fantasy and amazing and that will help me revamp this space. 

I love to talk to people so chat me up.. Jokes 

Tweet Me  @kahliaanelise 


Email Me;

or just comment below and we can have an awesome chat. 

Peace out Lovelies x

July Bella Box

I know I am way late, and this isn’t going to really be a review as much as hey this is what I got and what I think of it. 


I got a Nicole polish by OPI which was pretty cool as I do like OPI nail polish, I am not a massive fan of pink and this colour comes out A lot lighter on the nails, you need a good couple of coats but it lasts and overall it is a good nail polish that I have added to my collection :)




Designer Brands Lip Butter; this is a full size product thats where the greatness stopped for me, It doesn’t smell nice and it felt like putting grease on my lips and it also dried out my lips after using it for a day, to me this was the biggest waste of plastic and other earth harming shit that I got.. sorry if you like this brand but for me it really was a let down. 



yes this photo is shit, it just didn’t want to work and this was the best one out of the bunch.. 

Anastasia of beverly hills, I have yet to use this product because I don’t need long lasting or waterproof mascara as of my winter months however I was so excited when I saw this and it is a seriously decent size sample, perfecto for travel!! I am so amped for summer months when this will come in so so handy!!! I will let you know more then.



This is a hand cream that I will be giving to my mother because I don’t use them I prefer to just use my body butters.. however I did test a tiny bit on my hand and it smelt fine and also didn’t feel too greasy or leave you feeling slimy so that was a plus!! but I still don’t like hand creams.



I have not tried this yet it is a sample of a moisturiser, if you have tried it or do use it let me know in the comments if its any good ? I got some other sample of Nivea and stuff as well which was cool. 

for the price of the box I honestly don’t think it is worth it and I did unsubscribe because I really can not afford something that I am not over all enjoying. I will be trying out other services to see if I like them and I will of coarse let you all know. 

also in the comments tell me what you thought of my photos I know the lighting was off on some but i love my disney backgrounds :P 

Peace out Lovelies xx 

Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person” Award


Hey Peeps,

So this totally randomly cool comment appeared on one of my posts that inclined me to check out this new fun thing where I get to answer questions!! I swear the blogging world gets me, there is nothing I enjoy more than answering random questions.

Please go check out the hilarious beautiful blog that made up these cool questions; Alkeme Beauty 

1. Where is it?

probably on the bottom of my handbag.

2. Can you please hand it to me?

Is there a possible reason you can not grab it, and if I do hand it too you will I finally receive a lavender unicorn ?

3. What is your favorite sandwich topping?

chicken. a whole one if possible with out the bread will be fine.

4. Did you think Seanson 3 of ‘Heroes’ was terrible or horrifyingly awful?

Was batman or the mad hatter in it? if the answer is No then yes yes I did.

5. Why am I so sexually attracted to Jeff Goldblum?

Because the world was once a square.

6. Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

they do ? shit I should probably stop using my hairspray as a holder for my curling wand..

7. Would you rather sweat mayo or have to poop a softball?

poop a softball, I would rather not look like I am sweating a sexualised fluid all over people.. IDEA!!!

8.  Why do you think you deserve  the Super Fun Time Excellent Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person award?

???? I don’t really know that I do but I love answering questions :D

9. Do you know where I left my keys?

Try the fridge, I always find mine in there…

(actually I would probably try a bookshelf couch or bottom of your handbag)


So guys that’s it all the fun time questions, I LOVEEEE it I really seriously love answering questions.. also if you would like to do this please please comment and let me know about it!!

I pass the fun time too;

Blonde In Law

Blonde Beauty

and seriously anyone that reads this because why the hell not?

4.5 weeks till SYDNEY

Peace out xx

My Day Continued..

hey guys, 

As you may know if you read my earlier post my day did not start off in the best of ways and I wrote a big blog post on it and how sometimes you just got to be sad. If we didn’t have sadness we couldn’t realise what happiness is :) 

Well in case y’all were wondering my day got better after writing out my ranting post I felt a lot better and got online to find a nice phone wiz to help me, turns out there was a way to restore my phone from it’s state of purgatory and resurrect it back to life YAY. I also managed to keep all my photos which means beauty posts will be back soon starting with a july bellabox review I know I know I am super late with that one. 

I am also considering doing some pieces on the issues I work with and some things going on in my community that I would love to know if anyone would back up, let me know in the comments or via email what Cause is close to your heart and why?? 

I will try get back to some kind of normal spasmodic posting as soon as possible. 

love you guys 

Peace out 


Having A Bad day.

hey guys, 

As you all may or may not know I’am heading to Sydney in a few weeks for the Aussie IMATS and also for my birthday, well things have just been stressful including the trip and planning and sometimes things do not go as planned!!!! 

I got a new computer as you guys know because my old one was on its last breaths, one problem fixed because I can’t do uni without a computer that works..and I am grateful and loving the computer but I woke up this morning after filming a Vlog yesterday and having like minimal sleep and a busy monday with a phone that has died!! 

it had pictures for my next like 4 blog posts and other things I needed and now its dead.. so I am not having the best start to my day but I am going to continue on and see what I can do. 

I will keep you updated and probably check back in tonight to let you know if I could make my day any better.. 

everyone should know as humans that It is okay to have days where you just can’t be fucked because it doesn’t work out or because it is all too much or your stressed or under the weather just make sure you take care of yourself. 

peace out lovelies 


Favorite Places on the Interweb

Hi There, 

So I love the internet for so many reasons and for so many different things so I thought I would share a few of my favorite places on the internet. 


Harsh Reality is one of my favorite blogs, Jason aka Opinionated Man almost always brings up a topic that piques my interest. Harsh reality however is not a blog for the easily offended the topics are always something that sparks a discussion in the comments which 9 times out of ten is a blast to read.  

Living In Colour, Kayla is gorgeous and her posts are always enjoyable she does a variety of different stuff, I find myself exploring her posts more often as time goes on. 

Lauren Conrads website; it speaks for itself. If you love gorgeous things then click the link. 

I follow a ton of amazing bloggers each with a unique style but for today’s post I am going to link the two above because for a rather large portion of my blogging time these two have captured my interest time and time again. 

download (2)


so I am a major online shopaholic, it is an addiction and I possibly need help, however I love the amounts of different shops I can access online. of coarse you have your normal places like Ebay and gum tree I have the apps for both..

I am loving this jewelry website I actually found thanks to instagram  Shantique Designs, They do the most gorgeous simplistic and elaborate pieces I have ever seen, they are an Australian website but they do ship overseas. 

ASOS yes it can be a little pricey but the clothes are really good quality and when they have sales the clothes become so much more affordable, I am always on there scoping out sale buys. 

Sadly I don’t really have an online preference for make up purchases, I go into the stores to make sure I like colors and things, I use Ebay a lot of the time for brands that aren’t available in Australia and I go to Myer for Benefit and Mac so I really don’t do a lot of online make up shopping, that said ONLINEDRUGSTORE  I love buying unavailable hair products and other random things I find from here :) 

These are my favorite places on the internet, hopefully you may like them. 

What are your favorite websites ?? leave some below in the comments I would love to find some fun new places to visit.

Hair Update

for those of you that know what I am talking about I have a Hair appointment at 4.00pm today and will post some pics either tonight or tomorrow on my instagram or here.. if you have no idea what I am on about click the heart <3  to see my last post regarding hair changes :) 

Peace Out xx

just a chat..

I feel like having a little chat its the last stretch before I leave work and go home to a chaotic schedule, and I want to take a few minutes to just vent and chat with the gorgeous ladies and gents that read my blog. 

I am currently counting down the days until I can travel to Sydney for a few days for my birthday && for IMATS I am so glad that I got my accommodation booked early it has totally made the whole spur of the momentish trip A LOT less stressful for me, even so I am still super stressed because this is the time I start putting layby’s on for the kiddies and mumma for christmas so my money is spread thin at the moment. It is a good time to remember though that money isn’t everything. 

I am also considering a change with my hair and look because why not it makes you feel good and a little different :) It will also be a little break from my studies and all my deadlines coming so quickly its nuts.

I am super excited for spring it is my favorite season of all of them I can not even explain why its just the change in the environment that excites and relaxes me all at the same time that is awesome :D 

I will be working on here and my youtube channel a lot more after sydney though my channel wont really have any regular posts for a while as I do have uni coming up and this blog is my main focus really, but some cool changes shall be coming and a post schedule so you’ll know what to expect :P 

peace out guys xx

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